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Pledgebomb.com: the Next-Generation Moneybomb

I was a cadet at West Point when the Twin Towers fell. That moment changed my life. I had enlisted in 2000 as a forward observer, then joined the 3rd Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning, then was accepted into West Point's class of 2005. I ended my plebe year ranked 1st militarily in my class (4th overall). My parents, both officers in the Air Force, were as proud of their eldest son as any parents could be.

But invading Iraq was wrong. It was evil. And I refused to take any part in it.

At first, I was a minority in the ranks. But as each year of vain bloodshed passed, more and more of my friends came to agree with me. What the hell were we doing? Was this why we had joined the military? To slaughter and be slaughtered for the whims of the rich and powerful? For Empire?

If Ron Paul is ignored, the warfare-welfare state will continue, and then it will die. If Ron Paul is ignored, more of my friends will kill and be killed, for nothing. There's a reason that veterans give so much to Ron Paul. It's because he gets it. He understands. He has the courage to speak the truth that no one wants to hear. He's a soldier for Liberty, to the end.

I want to play my part in helping Ron Paul. As the owner of a web development company, I have a team capable of building the next-generation moneybomb website for Ron Paul: Pledgebomb.com. I've donated in plenty of moneybombs, from the first one to the last, but have grown deeply disappointed in our failing returns. It is time to shake things up again! A pledgebomb takes your pledge and your credit card information, but doesn't charge anyone's card until the moneybomb fundraising goal has been met (think: a political Kickstarter.com). There's no wondering how many people have made a real pledge, no wondering if this one will fail. And that's just for starters. We envision monthly recurring donations, a social-media dashboard, a wiki of best-practices, mobile payments, and microfunding of local projects. This project has the potential to raise hundreds of millions of dollars!

There's one obstacle, however: start-up money. We're professionals with professional jobs, and volunteer hours aren't going to pay for a website of this magnitude. We just can't afford to give away a month of work. I need the support of the grassroots activists to make this happen. Please consider making this project a reality.

Visit Pledgebomb.com and read more!

Nate Wildermuth

p.s. — I'll be checking back frequently to follow up on any thoughts, comments, questions, and concerns. If this projects really moves you, I could sure use your contributions of time and talent, too. I've been lurking here for years, so am not connected. Give me a call if you want to help more directly with this project.

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Don't want to burst your bubble

That's not how the moneybombs work. The moneybombs are arranged by the grassroots to remind people to vote on that day via e-mail. The people that pledge go to the official campaign site and donate. The official campaign doesn't work with others to process credit cards.

Your idea may work better with Revolution PAC, who may be more open to saving credit card data and working with you to process it. They are separate from the official campaign.

It is easy enough to setup a

It is easy enough to setup a payment gateway to be paid into a merchant account of choice, whether that is the official campaign or a PAC I have no preference.