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Stats on Wolf Blitzer CNN Debate 11-22-11

From Dawn of the Weak:

A few skirmishes broke out between the Republicans, perhaps the most notable between Dr Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on the legality of the Patriot Act. Newt believing that sacrificing our civil liberties in order to attempt a more secure nation from terrorism, and Ron Paul advocating that our liberties should never be sacrificed for national security that cannot be guaranteed even with the erosion of our Bill of Rights.

Total Talking Time:
Gingrich - 11:59
Romney - 11:29
Perry - 10:55
Ron Paul - 9:57
Bachmann - 9:16
Huntsman - 8:45
Santorum - 7:56
Cain - 5:31
Total - 1:15:48
*Note: This is uninterrupted talking time, except for audience cheer/applause in the middle of a response as this goes against their official response time.

% of Talk Time:
Gingrich - 15.81%
Romney - 15.15%
Perry - 14.40%
Ron Paul - 13.13%
Bachmann - 12.23%
Huntsman - 11.54%
Santorum - 10.47%
Cain - 7.28%
Total - 100.00%

Total Turns Talking:
Romney - 14
Gingrich - 14
Perry - 12
Ron Paul - 11
Bachmann - 11
Cain - 9
Huntsman - 9
Santorum - 8
Total - 88

Rest of the stats and commentary:

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I wish that everyone in the audience would have:

Prior to attendance:
A)Would have recently read 1984, Brave New World etc...
1) Equilibrium
2) V for Vendetta
3) Minority report
4) Gattaca
Any other films about police-state / oppressive government / dystopia etc.

Just sent him the stats at

Just sent him the stats at dickmorris@dickmorris.com

"Mr. Morris,

I saw your appearance on Fox News and was concerned with your vitriol for Congressman Ron Paul. I thought you'd like to know that Paul was fourth in speaking time, behind Mitt Romney, and behind Rick Perry, whom Paul is leading in the polls. Here are the stats: http://www.dailypaul.com/188760/stats-on-wolf-blitzer-cnn-de...

If there's anything you should be frustrated about, it's that CNN chose to throw softballs at Mr. Herman Cain, whose admitted weakness is on foreign policy. Thank you and please try to be fair in the future despite your feelings toward Paul or libertarianism or the Constitution or whatever it may be."

Washington, DC NW

Best line of any debate so far....

..."They aren't cutting anything out of anything."

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

This sure beats the 89 seconds.

Ron Paul did great. His message always stands out in a crowd. This crowd of GOP hopefuls are so full of neocon blood that they're all ready to strengthen the Patriot and Homeland Security acts and lock and load their guns and go after anythng that moves. Many Americans have bought into this fear game hook, line, and sinker. Anyone that distrusts the government, and the last time I saw a "poll" on this, it was around 75%, should jump on board with Ron Paul now. If for no other reason, wouldn't it be refreshing to have someone in control who questions every move the government makes?

alan laney

Someone should send these

Someone should send these stats to Dick Morris since he doesn't think Mitt Romney got a fair shake from CNN on talking time...

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

Exactly what I was thinking.

Newt and the Heritage Foundation go back, as was pointed out in the other debate (the Contract with America took loot of ideas from them, for example). If anything there was a conspiracy to promote Newt and these stats only further point in that direction.

As with every debate, people

As with every debate, people are going to have issues. But you know what? This was the most fair debate we've ever seen thus far. Ron Paul got the time he deserved. Who cares about anything else. Because of this, his popularity may explode even more because more people will hear his message. Freedom truly is popular. The media is in a situation where there's no way out:

Either let Paul speak and the message of liberty shines through, or black him out and suffer the wrath of a surging rally cry and become the mockery of everybody. If they pick the former, Paul wins. If they pick the latter, the media falls apart and turns against each other and then the rallying cry becomes bigger than ever. Either way, Paul wins.

We're the flood that overwhelms the dam now. It really doesn't matter what they do.

The people will be heard!

The people will be heard!

Washington, DC NW

Nasty Newt

Newt is getting nastier and nastier. He started out cutesy in the debates, but now he's truly showing his colors, and they ain't red, white and blue... more like Red and Black or Red and Yellow. Communism colors.

Plastic talking heads saying

Plastic talking heads saying nothing or warmongering BUT Ron did well especially the 3 1st times he spoke in my opinion.
Santorum praising Lincoln for going over civil liberties (something like that), Huntsman for drone attacks Pakistan, Cain saying nothing but getting away with it & so much more.

Lets remember to stay polite though if things go well we will start to get more attention and Ron would not want us to scare away future peace supporters because of our frustration :).

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

Why in the world am I the

Why in the world am I the ONLY one on here disgusted with the neocon slant tonight? Why do they get so much attention? These people placed our nation in disaster. They are all Israel firsters. G--Dam- I am so tired of these fools owning the airwaves. What fools! And what fools we are for putting up with it.

Become a delegate!

If everybody that has donated to Ron Paul would become a precinct, county, state, and then national delegate, we could write our own party platform! A small group of people that rise through the ranks control the party, you just have to get involved.

you're not

that debate was highly disturbing. expand the patriot act, send drones to pakistan, war on terror being endless, sanctions on iran and possibly syria. what the fnck?! i guess they forgot about the tea party. the real one, i mean. huntsman all but said "global governance". to hell with all the neo-cons. and to hell with the heritage foundation!


If this angered you lets hope it angered millions of others watching. Those who are not neoCONned but maybe don't know who or what to do right now and may actually stop to think about Dr Paul's words and how he truly is a Candidate, for The People.

It will still take some time before left(er) leaners can trust anyone of the GOP. They may even think this is all a conspiracy to get them to vote GOP and then have Dr Paul suddenly pull out, just to have Obama lose the election.

You know the American public is kind of skittish and prone to conspiracy theories right now because they are smart enough to know that behind the scenes, they really know nothing.

So let this happen. WE have been on board for a long time. Give them time to wipe the sleep from their eyes.


thought that this was a bit better time wise too. Another good thing was the split screens where it would show ron shaking his head like he was saying, "you gotta be effing nuts" in regards to one of the other speakers fear mongering.

They Had Lots of Shots/Split Screens

of Ron Paul tonite. I kept thinking to myself, Why are they showing him so much? They NEVER do this. And they didn't quiz Cain much tonite at all.

I also thought the placement of everyone was curious. I'm suspicious of everything.

Do NOT LET DOWN YOUR GUARD... something is up.

Maybe CNN got a new broadcast

Maybe CNN got a new broadcast debate director? They would be calling the shots.

They did Cain a favor by not

They did Cain a favor by not giving him much time. I bet he requested it less.

Syrian Oil?

They gave Cain enough time to say we wont be buying any Syrian Oil lol. Since when does Syria sell oil? I too, thought that Ron's placement was bullshit. They had Ron all the way to the left of Perry, when in the past the center was reserved for those polling highest. This debate was designed as a gotcha moment for Ron Paul; however, I thought Ron might have had one of his best debates yet. Amazing how many of those inside DC do not have a real job, or make real things etc. All of those people work for one think tank or another and either are former or current government workers.

Talk time suddenly more

Talk time suddenly more reflective of some of the poll numbers. Interesting. If Ron's team can convince him to be more aggressive about follow-up responses during these debates he'll soon be top tier.

It's funny... we need him to act like a dictatorial jerk to get noticed, then we need him to be himself in office. What an awful business this show business is...

Man you nailed it right on the head

The irony of needing him a little more forceful in his debate style but needing him dovish (Foreign Policy-wise) in office is an awful bit, but at least it seems like his good nature is finally pulling through, it only took what, 4 decades? ;)

They did leave him out of at least 3 or 4 responses though that he should've had a crack at.


Despite Blitzer saying that candidates would be allowed time to respond if they were addressed, Paul was mentioned 7 times directly in total, allowed only 1 of those times to respond.

wow, it didn't feel that balanced

Im happy to see it tho :)

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Yeah, well moderated by Wolf

Still not as well done as the Citizenlink / Family Forum debate on Saturday, which was flat out brilliantly handled in terms of moderation and time allotments (but overall shallow on substance IMO). What I loved about the FF debate was that they just let people speak and everyone was very respectful of the process, and everyone got plenty of time. It was the perfect libertarian debate really. However, with two more candidates and the commercialization I can see why this one didn't go quite as perfectly, but in terms of the televised debates this was the best as far as I can tell.