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Ron Paul issue on Israel.

how can i defend his position to the core. so many people are butt hurt and i want better help in explaining to them why our foreign aid is bad.

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Here's a website that

Here's a website that explains why Ron Paul is the best candidate of choice for Americans and Israelis:


Make sure you read the one-page flyer and pass it on to all your friends.

many ways you can go

the constitutionality of foreign aid - there really isn't any

The argument for picking winners and losers - we give to some under the guise of humanitarian and others to assure our interests are maintained and others not at all

The idea of our own debt is so great what in the world are we doing providing funds to other nations, even though in the grand scheme foreign aid is a drop in the bucket of spending.

What Ron says a lot about taking money from poor people and giving it to the rich people of poor countries - basically he is stating our tax money is going to other countries political elites and the powers that be and gets wasted and abused through corruption down to the people if at all.

That is the foreign aid "in general" approach.

Specific to Israel, Netanyahu has said that they don't need our help and israel doesn't need to have any nation building. Israel has a top rate military as well as a nuclear arsenal.

I take issue with the idea of our allies taking funds from us. Should we really be paying our friends to be our friends? I know it is more complicated than that but still.

I am sure others will have plenty more. But, I believe in Ron's book "liberty defined" he has a whole section on zionism and I think israel. That would obviously be a good place to start.


We're broke.

We tax. We borrow. We inflate. We don't use any real money to do any of this. Much of it is financed by China.

Also, we give 3 times as much aid to Arab nations as we give to Israel. How does this policy of foreign aid benefit Israel? Israel would be better off if we sent them no money as long as we cut off aid to the Arab nations as well.

Israel has 300 nukes. Iran has NONE.

Why do they need our help again?

What sense does it make to BORROW money from a communist country... in order to spread democracy in the middle east?