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Please stay the course.

The most important thing we, as a revolution, can do, is to stay the course.

So important in fact that I wish to make one important point today and that is this: As much as we all love Dr. Paul and want to see him elected, the ideas that he promotes are far more important than the man himself (He, of course has said as much). Dr. Ron Paul is arguably the most important voice in US Government today and possibly ever. And yet his IDEAS are even more important! It is because of Dr. Paul that there are so many of us out there debating on the side of liberty. One by one I have been able to rationally discuss liberty with Liberals, Neocons and Communists. I have debated punk rockers with Che tattoos. I have fought off numerous assaults from the Israel First club. Theocrats and Socialists fall by the wayside, not by my hands, but by the hands of liberty.

I can't accept credit for spreading this message. It spreads itself by being the correct solution to every problem. However, just like a smoker addicted to nicotine, the people in our country are addicted to government. In my discussions I see a pattern of people taking my pure, principled points and trying to find a morally permissible middle ground. You never truly get an admission of what is wrong or right, but you do see the gears turning. To ask a liberal to justify using violence on a man to confiscate his labor through income tax and use it for the sake of others - that is often something that cannot be taken lightly by any thinker regardless of political affiliation.

Understand this: the message, OUR message is a hard, bitter pill to swallow. Those who rely on government for much have trouble letting go. It will take time. A President Paul would no doubt be the quickest way to reform the way Americans think about government. His presence in these debates is a gift to the people of our country and regardless of the outcome of this primary and general election he has altered the course of history. This is the effect of one man.

We are more than one. We are many individuals who are capable of taking this to the next level. Could you imagine a decade from now, all of us running around like little Ron Pauls? As we become aldermen, mayors, preachers, teachers and representatives we influence those around us. Armed with superior economic knowledge we will navigate a collapse and learn to thrive in it. We are the Harbingers of Liberty. We don't need to claim to be 99%. We're bigger than that because our ideas, our message is absolutely perfect.

Imagine a child learning how to ride a bike. No training wheels... there are some falls, tears are shed. The child moves on to joyfully cruising around the neighborhood. At some point a parent thinks their child has a bit too much confidence, too much freedom. The training wheels are put on, after the child already knows how to ride! The Parents say: "You can't ride without these extra wheels. You can't go too far from us." The kid doesn't know any better and out of fear leaves those training wheels on - for years. What was once an exercise of personal freedom became a tightly controlled activity. The child, who once willingly braved injury to freely ride, goes into adulthood with training wheels and a small set area where he can "safely" ride his bike. Just like everyone else.

Then one day he sees someone with no training wheels popping a wheelie down the roads he's not supposed to be on. Everyone stares and watches. Maybe later he sees more people shedding their training wheels. They say: "We were always meant to ride like this. Bicycles have TWO wheels."

Then one day, he fetches a wrench and the safety wheels come off. The child who has now fully matured falls and skins his knee. It doesn't hurt, at least not as bad as Mom and Dad said it would. He takes off down the roads stolen from him as a child, thanking those who came before him, those who bravely and boldly removed their training wheels from their bikes.

I know it's silly but it just kind of came out and I figured I'd go with it. As the early adopters of liberty in this generation we find ourselves with a unique opportunity to influence those with the mind to take the training wheels off and be free.

I'm proud to stand with you all in trying to get Dr. Paul elected president and promoting the general message of liberty to all who will listen. Hopefully we can show them that bicycles only need two wheels. Thanks guys.

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Ay Ay Captain!


We are vessels for the single

We are vessels for the single most important message in the history of the United States of America. It's not an option to stray the course. I'm at a place right now, where I've never been before. I've been giving everything I have for the last five years and I remember very vividly how it felt when we didn't get the nomination in 2008. I was literally crushed. I couldn't believe it. I was convinced we had it. It was an very real, sinking feeling watching the primary votes come in. This time feels more within reach. Ron Paul or BUST!