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Bachmann may have leaked classified information during debate

Bachmann, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee, may have provided a little too much information when discussing the threat posed by Pakistan.

Read more: http://thedc.com/u3Dyg5

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What a Joke

Who ever parcels out the stories for the gullible on the committee can SAY whatever they want idiots to believe. I get the impression that Bachmann is brainwashed with terror, terror, terror.
Bachmann the great Christian who is bloodthirsty for wars, what about Thou Shall Not Kill?
All the wana bes court Isreal. Even Palin wore a huge star of David. They go on junkets to Isreal. Like the senators!
Some people will do anything for power and claw their way up to the top. She has sold her soul to the devil

I don't know that government secret's are even Constitutional.


Free includes debt-free!

In Her Attempt to Show How Smart She Is...

and demonstrate her foreign policy prowess, she probably did just leak classified information. She isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Did anyone else feel like (with the obvious exception of Dr. Paul) the last debate was for President of Israel and not the U.S.? These guys care more about Israel than they do about our own country.

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I think people knew they had nukes over there

How many they have though, probably was the secret. Bachmann stating specific numbers of nukes that are supposedly vulnerable is pretty stupid. It helps whoever wants to get at them deduct the known sites and look in other places there. Bachmann should drop her POTUS run immediately.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Bachmann is to infatuated to think for herself

Bachmann is infatuated with the intelligence community and it impairs her ability to function like an independent investigator. Instead of investigating whats being propagandized in these private meetings, she just soaks it up like an infomercial and reacts to how they want her to. She's a good puppet for them - hence why she got selected for this committee.


but she couldnt pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel......


ron in 12!


hadn't heard that line - if no objection I'll b using it freely.

help yourself....

no objection.....we paul supporters should be willing to share.....


ron in 12!

That woman

is not only a pathalogical liar, but also a plagerist of unverified iformation. I think she is the biggest war/fearmonger of all of them and should be in a rubber room.

put a fork in her, she's done.....

i never liked her ever since i heard that she voted for the patriot act, and that she was a tax attorney for the irs, collecting money from people for the government....
she also complained about entitlements, yet her mental health clinic and family farm had their hand out for 400,000.00 in entitlements.
i could never see putting her on any committee with the word "intelligence" in it.

ron paul is the ONLY candidate who deserves my vote.

impeach obama, fire biden, president ron paul, 2011 !!!


ron in 12!

Didn't she also tell a brazen lie?

I recall hearing her claim that Ahmadinejad said if he got a nuclear weapon he would annihilate Israel and the United States. That is total nonsense, lying war propaganda. Why doesn't anyone call her on it?

Politifact actually rated her

Politifact actually rated her statement false. "We find no evidence that he has said he would use a nuclear weapon..."


It is not classified

The line she expertly deployed, that Pakistan is "too nuclear to fail," is a quote from the Brookings Institution's Stephen P. Cohen.

Michele Bachmann obviously read the December 2011 Atlantic magazine cover story on Pakistan and its nuclear program.

The 'long story' is here, complete with video and graphics.


She simply plagiarized war mongering fiction.

Good! This info should have

Good! This info should have been available to the public in the first place!

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Isn't it time for her to just shut-up and go away?

It's painful to watch and listen to her.

I hate to sound like a sexist

I hate to sound like a sexist bigot (yeah right!) but in this instance, this guy is absolutely right!

Would That Be

Bachmann's "Oops" moment? If she did leak it, she's done.

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If she leaked classified info

she is surely finished. That is unacceptable for a President. (or any elected official) Romney made a blunder saying that Iran disobeyed the "Genocide convention' Instead of Geneva convention. Good video material :) Several blooper comments in this debate. The candidates are getting tired.

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

anyone who gives

Bachmann access to classified information is an idiot...

That was my immediate

That was my immediate thought! We are living WAY too precariously when that woman has information like that and is supposedly trusted to keep it hush-hush!

If we brought the troops home, we would not need secrets.

What does a people do when their government is the criminal gang but keeps everything secret?

Free includes debt-free!

and the 'free press'

is in on it...

Easy: stop working; starve

Easy: stop working; starve the bastards out!


Oh goody. Who's idea was it to trust her on that council again?

Eric Hoffer