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Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington

I'm absolutely excited on the way things went in tonight's debate. When i get excited I tend to have creative thoughts about the subject I'm happy about.

I was just thinking, what would one of those dignified patriots say to the faces of the demons that haunt their republic. I for one think that George washington would straight up kill some of these tyrants, and thomas jefferson would probably challenge Bernanke to a duel, and win.

The founding fathers stood up to their english oppressors, Thomas Jefferson said "We have shown them that we can reason like men, Now let's show them we can fight like men." These guys would not put up with 1/1776 of the crap that the modern day tyrants are doing to this country. They would've stood up to these jokers slapped them around and embarrassed them on debate stages. Ben would throw up when if he saw his own face on FRN's and i strongly believe that the ghost of thomas jefferson had something to do with taking the 2 dollar out of circulation.

thanks for reading this post it was just out of pure playfulness, I would love to hear some cool scenarios you guys could think up involving the founders vs the characters of today! cheers, Ron Paul Pwned tonight just like every other night.