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Ron Paul's "Golden Rule Foreign Policy"

Hey Ron!!

Just call it your "Golden Rule Foreign Policy" instead of stumbling to find words like non-intervention. Everyone is very familiar with the term so there's no confusion and you might just score some brownie points from the religious right.

Thanks for listening.

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Golden Rule Foreign Policy


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Dr. Paul's foreign policy, if taken to it's natural conclusion should satisfy both the peaceful Constitutionalists in our country as well as the Zionist warhawks. He has said many times (and again last night) that if Israel wants to go to war with Iran that they should... and we shouldn't be involved at all. So we can have our peace and the neocons will get their war with Iran. If they want to donate their own money to fund Israel's war effort, or if they want to sign up to fight then they can go right ahead. This way everyone wins!

The PTB only benefit . . .

if Americans are financially abused--or send their children to be killed. There would be no other reason to go to war, anywhere.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You do not seem to understand...

They do not want to "donate *their own* money to fund Israel's war effort." They want *your* money/labor for their wars. This is really at the heart of much of our opposition (and opposition to Ron Paul). People have plans that are larger than the resources they can obtain through voluntary interaction, therefore they resort to violence.

At some level, creating an enlightened society which rejects the violence inherent in the current system of taxation is/should be one of our main goals. This will require the creation of a society of individuals that are responsible for themselves including the defense of their resources. That is the big question: Is humanity capable of this level of voluntary cooperation and responsibility? Is there any power/reality in the concept of free men cooperating? Or is the great majority of humanity only fit for slavery?

If it seems like an impossible goal, then you are understanding what I'm saying. The founders thought it could be done on some small scale and outlined many aspects of how to do it. The (next) question is: Do we want to give it a try?

Same words Ron Paul used at the SC Veterans Rally:


He said, "Why don't we practice the Golden Rule in our foreign policy."

I cheered quite loudly for that one.

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Good idea!

Good idea!


I agree