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Gingrich and the Neocons are fundamentally wrong

I found this excellently written comment posted in response to the Washington Times article: The GOP debate: The Constitution versus national security.

I think it is one of the best explanations of Ron Paul's stance on the Patriot Act. and one that I'll remember and quote when arguing the point with potential neo-con converts:

Posted by: fyi4u2day 9 minutes ago
Gingrich and the Neocons are fundamentally wrong. By sacrificing our ideals and our Constitution we lose any morel authority in the world we thought we had. You can no more completely protect this country from all future risks than you can protect your children from the World every minute of the day, every day of their lives, with out making them unfit to live in it when you are gone...

So,,, our choice is to be a beacon of liberty and freedom at some risk to ourselves for a World seeking hope for their own human condition. Or, to negate the fundamentals of America to become a fearful and neurotic people diminishing our freedoms and liberties at each newly perceived threat. How do you want to live? Well, throw a New Hampshire plate on my car!

Further, we should work with our friends and enemies around the world to normalize all relations. Trade with those who support our ideals and warn those nations, or those nations harboring those that would harm the United States, its people, or its freedoms that they will be dealt with swiftly and totally and from the entirety of the force available to the American people and their government under the guidance of the greatest document to ever direct the governance of man, the US Constitution.

Shine the light of liberty, compassion and freedom from America's shores backed solidly by the awesome threat of the totality of the (home based) American armed forces.

Do this and these terrorist organizations will find it harder and harder to hide as the people of the World can feel confident in the signals we send in dispensing with tyranny in their own home lands.

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Newt served before and did

Newt served before and did not take a stance against the Federal Reserve Bank. He has no standing to represent the people in that he has endorsed private credit instead of lawful money. He is an actor motivated by personal gain only. May he rot in hell.

Totally wrong.

"If the "24 scenario" were ever to play out, authorities should break the law. They should do anything necessary to preserve this nation, however unconstitutional."

This attitude is what we have happening now, where the real terrorists are the ones stripping away our civil liberties and security by violating the Constitution.

Good catch! it was late and I

Good catch! it was late and I guess I must have missed that one. The next line from the paragraph you quoted reads

"No one who isn't willing to do whatever it takes to preserve this country has any business being president."

Gorbachev wasn't willing to roll out his army and crush dissent in order to preserve the Soviet Union. Thank God he was smart enough to see that it was time to let it go!

This article needs to go

This article needs to go viral! This looks like a good chance to convince any neocon friends you know.

This is kind of like the point I made a few years ago to a cop who said that even if the police had to lock us in our houses at night and beat us senseless if we came out in order to keep us safe that was what they'd do because the number one job of government, as Bush often said, is keeping Americans safe!

My reply was that yea, you can keep us safe most of the time. They had very little street crime in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany too. You could keep us safe if you kept track of us at all times and watched us constantly and controlled our every movement and maybe that's what you and George Bush would like but most Americans, real Americans don't want to be kept safe at all costs. You could keep us safe by turning us into a police state, but real Americans would rather die than live like that.