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These People Make Me Sick...I Couldn't Resist

Watching this ghoulish orgy for the worship of death is absolutely sickening. I read a Yahoo article which so nonchalantly espoused the mainstream candidate's support for the genocide which continues in the name of God, freedom and the good ol' US of A and just had to post there. I don't want to appear to be blowing my own horn here but I just needed to share to get this of my conscience. I am no Bible toting religious fanatic but I do believe there is something out there bigger than me! I did however feel that the following might speak to them in their language. I think that the logic might just wake a few people up. If not, it's still good for the shock value. Here's what I posted:

For those of you posting here who actually support these candidates, I say SHAME ON YOU! Your candidate (strike Paul) says that they support the "right to life" but the logical flaw is that it stops at the point where it's perfectly okay that someone's Pakistani, Iraqi, Afghan, etc, child gets killed by one of our missed drone strikes all in the name of your safety and freedom! They are just Muslims after all, and not Christian, so they don't matter to God...God actually spoke to a few of your favorite creatures personally about this and told them this was just fine with him...right?

Fake Christians who, in their sick, twisted minds, can justify the murder of faceless. nameless, innocent children from errant drones strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc., are everywhere these days. I suppose it was written in the Good Book that this would be so! All but Paul seem to have missed that Bible study class apparently. It is a fact that THEY ARE CONDONING THE MURDER OF GOD"S INNOCENT CHILDREN AND WITH YOUR SUPPORT OF THEM, YOU ARE TOO. What if this happened to your child? Would you want revenge?

Yes, sadly, your wonderful and supposed God fearing candidate will most assuredly make their staged appearance at church this Sunday and pray for more of the same while completely unaware that the Devil sits right next to them in their pew...you need to ask yourselves if he sit with you too! I will pray for their and your soul.

What you should really be asking yourself is, do you really think that these types of people really care one iota about your child's well-being if they could care less about someone else's from another country? No...yours are safe...all they want to do to them so far is treat them like terrorists and molest them in airports, monitor their cell phones and e-mail, track them with GPS, watch them from street corners and on and on and on...AND YOU APPLAUD FOR THIS? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? YOU ALL BETTER WAKE UP PEOPLE...THESE FOLKS ARE PURE EVIL...AND SO IT WAS WRITTEN! GOD SAVE YOU!

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In Leiu of Yesterday's and Today's Drone Mishaps

A timely bump!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"




I agree 100%

Its amazing. These are the people Jesus spoke about. THe hypocrites, the parisees. I encounter this in my everyday life. They call themselves christians but they condone perpetual never ending war, killing innocent children. Rejecting the principles of Jesus Christ in order to satisfy their wordly desires.... but dont tell them that! or you will be crucified as Jesus was...

Ill carry my cross daily. Truth has no place in this world, thats why Jesus was crucified, and thats why every single revolutionary or truth bringer is persecuted, including Ron Paul. Satan has dominion over this world.

But I wont stop fighting... freedom, liberty, spiritual growth. Thats what life is about, and Ill strive to be like him, and NOT like these supposed "christians" and the mainstream conciousness. It gets clearer and clearer, day by day.

I truly Believe This Struggle Clearly Deifnes Good vs. Evil

It is more evident than ever before! People need to realize it NOW for it will soon be too late! I think this hard-hitting honesty may well be a very effective way to lead the blind to see...at least some anyway!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"



and true!

Thank you.

i like it

tell em how it is brother, I dont mean to sound arrogant but i have a favorite line i wrote in an essay once i want to quote ‎"A Man or Woman must be an individual who can see and realize the cold hard truth. The rest are just like children, and cannot tell reality from fantasy."I believe that the people you must be addressing did not have the characteristics of an adult human being according to my definition of one.

Amen there!


"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"