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Ron Paul continues ascent; Drudge notices


Matt Drudge knows a thing or two about hot topics – how to recognize them and how to create a buzz.

So it’s noteworthy that following Tuesday debate in Washington, the top story on the internationally famous Drudge Report was a well-written Christian Science Monitor analysis of Ron Paul’s chances in the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses and beyond. What is especially interesting is that even though Drudge had post-debate stories from the entire Web to choose from, he chose a two-day old piece that focuses on how it is “too soon” to write Paul off.

Way too soon. In fact, you can bet that if Ron Paul somehow fails to win the GOP nomination, a lot of people will be writing him in if that’s what it takes to cast their vote for the Texas congressman.

The Punditty Project is not privy to Drudge’s editorial decision-making process, but after watching the debate, the Monitor piece may well have been picked to lead the page because Drudge can see where the race is leading. Dr. Paul dominated the D.C. debate on national security and foreign policy, rising above the field like the forward-thinking “adult in the room” that he is. Paul will win the Iowa Caucuses on Jan. 3 because when all is said and done, he is the only Republican candidate – apart from the manipulatively marginalized former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson – who is actually offering a fresh approach to the same stale problems that have plagued the U.S. for decades.


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From his lips to God's ear.

I like to think the writer's (and Drudge's) trends analysis is spot on.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Things are changing

Thanks for a bump.

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