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Iowa: County Chairs and Precinct Captains

Hey just curious how many County Chairs the Paul campaign has assigned. And how many precinct captains. I dont live in Iowa, but when I hear about how well Bachmann and Cain are organizing I start to get a little worried.

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My husband

is county co-chair in Cerro Gordo county, Iowa. We just spent the last three days tabling at our mall and are planning to do so every weekend through the caucus, Jan. 3 as well as at other venues. Waiting for our order of superbrochures!

Sweet Liberty

Precinct Captain

Precinct Captain right here. Doing some door-knocking tonight in hopes of catching more folks than usual who have more time than usual.

New Year's in Iowa (?)

I might have the resources to come up to Iowa over New Year's and through the Caucuses. I should even have a place to stay. I'm a Texas resident. If I can help Dr. Paul by coming up to Iowa I'd be thrilled to do so. Can I be of help?

No-one but Paul!

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New Year's in Iowa

Celebrated a birthday Jan 1, 2008 in Iowa leaving slim jims, literature and a positive presence. Participated in the Condit vote count at the caucuses. Maybe, some of us could have a Ron Paul 2012 New Year's Party get together/literature drop off.

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– Thomas Jefferson


i was made captain of cass county... ive got it pretty much buttoned up already... mark us up as a win.. i took care of atlantic lewis griswold cumberland.. still need folks in anita and massena but i dont really know any folks over there.. i split up the towns and appointed captains in each of the towns and they all have high numbers of people ready to go.. we are having a meeting on sunday to give out yard signs, stickers and all that swag and see if we cant get those other two towns nailed down... where are you?


Hi neighbor!

I'm a PC in Mills co.

Good question

I would also like to know. I know that I am a county chair and precinct captain.

The Virtual Conspiracy

where abouts?

hey whats up.. where are you located?