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Ron Paul: Marijuana Policy Should Be Set By The States (VIDEO)

Ron Paul went out of his way to emphasize his support for medical marijuana, insisting that marijuana laws should be set not by the federal government but by the states.

"You can at least let sick people have marijuana because it's helpful," Paul said. "But the compassionate conservatives say, well we can't do this, we're going to put people who are sick and dying with cancer and are being helped with marijuana if they have multiple sclerosis -- the federal government is going in there and overriding state laws and putting people like that in prison."

The Obama administration had promised a hands-off policy on marijuana laws, saying the issue was best regulated at the state level. But the number of raids has been on the rise, and last month federal prosecutors in California announced a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries, threatening to shutter state-licensed businesses.

"Why don't we handle the drugs like we handle alcohol?" Paul continued. "Alcohol's a deadly drug. The real deadly drugs are the prescription drugs, they kill more people than the illegal drugs."


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They need to leave us alone

Leave our weed alone! A plant that has never and will never kill a single person should be allowed to have a POSITIVE impact on society.

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♫ Everybody may get stoned ♫

♫ Everybody may get stoned ♫

True Liberty

Coming from the point of view of someone in the medical field. I work in a trauma center in a low income area of Texas and I have seen first hand that "decriminalizing" of whatever you wish to call it would save money. You would not believe how many indigent or those in poverty enter an emergency room for "pain", be it a headache or arm "pain". Everytime these people check in that's taxpayer money being used. I bet 15 to 18% percent of those who check in on my shift need "pain" relief. Im sure they would rather stay at home and use their own "remedy" anyway. True Liberty would be allowing someone to grow a marijuana plant just as they grow tomatoes or peppers anyway right? Just my humble opinion. Let me know y'alls opinions.


What I say below doesn't apply to Ron Paul, but it's my advice to all libertarians.

Don't speak this way: "marijuana should be legalized" or "we should decriminalize marijuana use and sales".

This gives legitimacy or authority to the government.

Instead speak this way: "It shall be illegal for anyone to use or threaten violence against any person or business who posesses marijuana, grows marijuana or sells marijuana."

You can apply this concept to any other policy.

Don't speak in a way that implies you are asking the government for permission.

Instead use language to demonstrate that whoever initiates violence or theft against innocent people is evil.

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Can I crowdscource a quote

Can I crowdscource a quote where RP actuallys pecifically says he's ok with it being regulated by the states?

All I hear him say is that it shouldn't be done by the federal government.

Catch-22 for Ron Paul

Growers want decriminalization. The state, CA, wants legalization.

Growers want a federal governmment to protect their freedom from the state's tyrany and greed.

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Did you see limelemon's suggestion above?


I did reedr3v

I gave him the first or second up point because I agree completely.

I just had a thought... those for OWS are wanting medical marijuana legalized so they can have a government job? That would make sense being Oaksterdam University is certifying folks in their efforts to make medical marijuana legal, and it goes with the letters to the editor here where folks /OWS is blaming the GREEDY growers for the murders and assassinations of illegal growers this year.

grow house

There are a lot of drugs in the market so why use marijuana? why in the other countries they used other legal drugs to be used as pain killers, so why it can't be done in US? i don't think it will be a good idea because there will be a lot of opportunists in the world and they might use marijuana as medical treatment a front for their illegal businesses, just what i have read from an article that in spite of intentions, Nevada AB 284 has yet to bring Vegas foreclosure real estate figures up to a stable level. Bargains await the opportunistic buyer. Cannabis sellers are among them, and they're making illegal grow houses, notes the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I found this here: Las Vegas foreclosures create boom for marijuana dealers.weed growers are everywhere.



You are right kathleen, about there being allot of drugs on the market, including marinol, a drug based from cannabis. My understanding is that marinol does not work well. Also, many drugs, good or bad/ addictive/ harmful side affects, are unaffordable to many Americans who do not have insurance or are under insured, or those who don't have the best doctors. I used to claim marijuana was for those who self medicated, but now that there are doctors writing recomendations, I've come to understand that cannibanoids, the medicinal part of the plant, has a wide range of offering relief to people in a natural way. The fact no one has ever died from consuming marijuana gives people allot of confidence. And when people are hurting, they take risks, like inhaling marijuana.

Because of the prohibition on marijuana, there are many illegal businesses/fraud established to cover for marijuana sales, and there is allot of property being damaged and abused by opprtunists.

This is where the argument of whether to legalize or decriminalize comes into play, because prohibition of cannabis is what is creating these crimes of fraud and abuse.

In 1996, CA passed (56%) Proposition 215 (decriminalizing marijuana for very sick people), which set a path of decriminalization because there were to be no sales. Then some counties, such as those in an area known as the Emerald Trianle, went further, by setting their own laws, like Measure G, so they could buy insurance and get protection from the sheriff, who sells tags. No one cared if their neighbor grew his own. But, some saw an opportunity and an industry began. Many people claim the marijuana industry is why these towns in these areas are able to sustain.

Others, such as those in the big old city of Oakland, want legalization, with certified and licensed businesses, employees and customers, the majority of profit going to pay off the state debt. There is Oaksterdam University where one can earn certificates, and Harborside, a dispensary who want industrial grow houses.

We would not be discussing this if there was not a LARGE demand for marijuana. There is. It is so large, prohibition is on the front line establishing a police state and erasing our Bill of Rights. This is what concerns me today. Also, I believe the non-medical marijuana, hemp, as an industrial crop, should be legalized for food, fiber, feed and fuel, and grown on farms, deliverd to mills, and put America back to work making products from it.

On a personal note, my interest in this subject began in 1972, when I began volunteering to clean up toxic areas. In 1990, I won a case I made to the Southern California Regional Water Control Board about ocean pollution in Los Angeles. I was bothered about being awarded, because all I did was point out obvious pollution. I did not offer a solution. When I began seeking a solution, I met Jack Herer in 1992, at a H.E.M.P rally at the West Federal Building, when he was promoting a book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes", RE: ending cannabis prohibition. It was exciting to me because I saw that by growing and using hemp, we would greatly reduce toxins, and the hemp would clean up soil and aquafirs. The HEMP/ Help End Marijuana Prohibition, was shattered when a small group of people claiming they had AIDS and cancer and could not get medical help, wanted to use cannabis, and took to the Federal Building steps screaming "Arrest us, we get medical help inside prison!" The first attempt was Propisition 215 began in 1994/ failed, in 1996, it passed. Since then, it's been a mess. Those who try to open legal shops or gardens wind up going to jail. I do not know how or why Oaksterdam University or Harborside are allowed to operate under proposition 215. So my interst changed over the years, from industrial hemp, to trying to figure out this medical marijuana movement, to Ron Paul, because "Freedom is popular".

I hope I helped you understand why prohibition needs to end for the wellness of the people, the planet and our Bill of Rights. I think hemp shpould be legalized and medical marijuana decriminalized, because that's how we end this fraud, abuse of property and growing police state.

fuzzy math in that article...$3000 a plant?

cops love to inflate the numbers when it comes to drugs. be it potency or price.

"If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
Thomas Jefferson

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’, because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."
Thomas Jefferson

“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another; shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement” - Thomas Jefferson

"Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere." George Washington

“Speaking generally, the Commission are of the opinion that the moderate use of hemp drugs appears to cause no appreciable physical injury of any kind.” - Indian Hemp Drugs Commission 1893-1894

“Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded."
- Abraham Lincoln – (December 1840)

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