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3400 more LIKES & Ron Paul gets a weekly segment on Fox 19 WXIX

Ben Swann of a Fox affiliate has done several segments supporting Dr. Paul. If he gets --10,000 fans-- on facebook he is going to push for a WEEKLY RON PAUL SEGMENT. We have NEVER had this kind of ally in the media. YOU NEED TO SPREAD THIS MESSAGE. YES YOU.


Link to his comment HERE

Ron Paul Nation
Submitted by ben swann on Tue, 11/22/2011 - 04:37.
Thanks for all the support. I have to tell you that the networks may want to ignore you but the Ron Paul nation has serious power behind it.

Please continue to "Like" my facebook page. If I can hit 10,000 fans I am going to push for a weekly segment on Ron Paul. Hard for the upper management to deny when that kind of power is behind you


Reality Check video of Ron Paul

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almost there!

only 523 more FB likes to go!