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Patriot Act

A question for everybody here. At last night's debate, Gingrich had a gotcha on RP by stating McVey succeeded.

Would the Patriot act have prevented McVey's terrorism?

Personally I think not except granting the police state to rachet up it's power and removing our liberties. I would love to hear feedback on this.

Secondly, did anybody catch Cain saying we should not buy Syria's oil? Since when has Syria been a oil producer? :)

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McVey was a perfect example

McVey was a perfect example of blowback.
Terrorism exists now because of the heavy hand of the military if foreign lands.
If we increase the patriot act and fly drones locally there will a rebellion from Americans which would then be called more terror.
Blowback .... action reaction ... is a very important cancept.
It reminds me of a bugs bunny cartoon I saw as a child.