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The War Party, brought to you by CNN

Tuesday's CNN debate was supposed to focus on national security. However, with such luminaries in the room as Paul Wolfowitz, Frederick Kagan and Ed Meese it seemed more like a Bush administration reunion. After this debate, there can be no doubt that the Republican Party status quo is pushing for a repeat of its last performance, complete with multiple wars and a new and improved Patriot Act.

The debate was sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. An article at The Daily Caller points out that both Romney and Gingrich have strong ties to these organizations, with Gingrigh having served as a former senior fellow with AEI. The Heritage Foundation came to prominence during the Reagan Administration and supported both Bush presidencies in Desert Storm and the Iraqi War. They were also instrumental in developing Gingrich's "Contract With America" during the Clinton era. AEI's founding membership sounds like a role-call for the 1% with such notables as Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers, General Mills, Chemical Bank, and Paine Webber according to Wikipedia. Read More

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Next paragraph highly significant:

What is more disturbing, however, is the connection to the Project For A New American Century or PNAC. Arguably, no one is more responsible for the Iraqi war than PNAC. With such members as Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Perle leading the organization, they pushed for the ousting of Sadaam Hussein. The litany of fearmongering, accusing, posturing and flat out paranoia repeated by Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Perry, Romney and sometimes Huntsman, came right out of the PNAC playbook. Romney even alluded to an "American Century" in his speech.

PNAC designed our foreign policy, yet most people I talk to, incredibly, have never heard of it.

i'm not a conspiracy nut like

I'm not a conspiracy nut like Dick Morris (BTW, kiss my Ron Paul's DICK), but I do think with Newt's ties to AEI that first question was a setup softball to Newt by the AEI goons in charge. Ron kinda stepped into that one on his own. After that, RP was fine. The thing I did take away was the same thing I have in debates for a while now ... our great equalizer to all the best laid plans of these people just won't go away ... it's the 100,000 Lb elephant in every room ... THE DEBT. ...And Ron used it perfectly.

Great article.

Thanks for posting.

All rhetoric and supposed

All rhetoric and supposed motivations aside, we must agree that this debate was the fairest and most professional one, to date. For whatever reasons, Ron did get to speak, and I am hoping that some calls made to the Heritage Foundation were helpful in this way.

There are so many strings to so many things,
Most politicians have ties,
But Liberty rings and America sings.
We no longer trip on their lies.

Looks like Wild-Blue found the Oz men of the debate


Thanks Grange

AEI is really bad news, I think everyone should at least read their Wiki page and see what all they're into... These are the ones driving the Military Industrial Complex..

I enjoy your writing Wild-Blue

I appreciate your style. If you have any book ideas, I hope you explore them, and go for it. I am more a reader than writer because of my dyslexia, gosh, it was hell in school, as I attended before dyslexia was a diagnosis. I was put in the front of the class (I've worn glasses before kindergarten) and every Christmas I would get a "Learn to Spell" book. My parents thought I was a gifted idiot. It wasn't until I was in my 30s that I decided that I wasn't going to let dyslexia imprison me. It's a dis-Ability.

Anyways, I love to read and really like your style, It's not like any author I know. I think you have a great gift.

Happy Thanksgiving; to you and yours, may God bless you constantly.

thanks Granger...

I'm glad somebody likes it... It means a lot coming from someone as knowledgable as you... thanks!

Given the above

I was VERY VERY surprised at all the applause Dr. Paul received! Were there Paul supporters there? Anyone that post here, at the debate?

I'm sure there were...

would be disappointed if we didn't have representation there...

This is why Dr. Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy got...

....so much attention at this debate. Not because they want Paul to win. They were trying desperately to discredit non-interventionism. This is why there was so much confrontation with Dr. Paul. Of course, Dr. Paul did not back down.

Those in power are beginning to see the sleeping giant ( the American population ) awaken. Desperation is setting in to end the current small uprising against totalitarianism before it grows further.

I believe so.

It seems there was an attempt to have Paul get that speaking time with a goal of having his platform "exposed" for the worst, as much as possible.


this was a Neo Con festival... what is sad is that I think those represented are merely the tip of the iceberg...