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Ron Paul: Patriot Act "Unpatriotic Because It Undermines Our Liberties"

Snip from the AP:

Several Republicans spoke up strongly for the anti-terror Patriot Act, saying it should be extended or perhaps strengthened to help identify and capture those who would attack the United States.

Only Rep. Paul among the eight presidential hopefuls dissented, arguing that the law is "unpatriotic because it undermines our liberties."

See the full article: Don't slash military budget, GOP contenders say

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What's So Patriotic About The

What's So Patriotic About The Patriot Act? by Judge Napolitano - www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvRWjFLvXZI

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I agree with Ron Paul, there

I agree with Ron Paul, there is nothing "patriotic" about the Patriot Act. It is something right out of the Third Reich. It violates the Constitution, and it violates the rights of the American people.

That said, let me go further. Only a coward would willingly trade their freedom for the promise of security. I don't want the "security" offered. I will take care of myself. What I do want is to see an end to the aggressive, intrusive foreign policy that is fueling terrorism. Until we get out of these foreign entanglements, we can expect the terrorist threat to continue. And it is the terrorist threat that is used to justify the destruction of our freedoms.

And finally, let me say that I certainly do not trust these people who are violating my rights with my security. Why would I trust them? They don't trust us, the American people. I believe that there are more criminals in politics per capita than in any other profession. Most of them lack integrity, and most Americans are aware of this. So, why would we trust them?