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Did Ron Paul win GOP's national security debate?

Media-types seem to think Ron Paul more than held his own, which is no small feat, considering many of his ideas on national security are well outside the Republican mainstream.

OK, it’s hard to really say anyone “wins” a debate, given that there’s no scoring, and Wolf Blitzer doesn’t come out afterward and hand out a medal. In general, last night’s word fight was high-minded and good for everybody, except maybe Herman Cain, since he didn’t say much.

CNN’s Blitzer did well, too – drawing candidates into real conversations, and emceeing questions from assembled think-tank luminaries. The whole thing was a real debate in that it juxtaposed real differences of opinion.


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good one to post on Twitter...

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Almost all the comments are pro-Paul.

They were really trying to sandbag Dr.Paul's platform of non-interventionism in this debate. I think it backfired badly.

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I agree. I think that was the intention all along

with a strictly "Foreign Policy" debate. It was an attempt to take out Paul on his foreign policy stances.

I do think it backfired big time on them also.