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Poll Shows Ron Paul in Firm Lead in Iowa

Texas Congressman Ron Paul continues to boast high numbers in public polls despite the lack of media attention that Paul has received throughout the race for the GOP primary. Just prior to the start of last night’s GOP debate, Paul’s poll numbers were at their highest since the start of the race.

According to Revolution PAC, a SUPER Pac formed to support Ron Paul, Ron Paul leads among his fellow Republicans in Iowa with 25 percent of the vote. Revolution PAC has received early data from TeleResearch, who performed the survey, indicating Paul’s lead. The poll is a significant one as it is the first to incorporate disaffected Democrats and Independents who will not vote to re-elect President Obama and instead will cross over to vote in the Iowa Republican Caucus as well as Republican voters.

The Laconia Daily Sun reports that Ron Paul has not only managed to win the support of Democrats, but some of the most left-wing Democrats in the party, those who are self-described “progressives.”

Lynn Rudmin Chong, former chair of the Belknap County Democratic Committee, has publicly endorsed Ron Paul, saying, “I have found other kindred souls.” She indicates that she has left the Democratic Party and changed her voter registration to “undeclared” so that she may participate in New Hampshire’s primary.


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