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CNN Prebate, "Isn't there a first tier? Romney, Gingrich, and Ron Paul"- "UH" (video)

Here is a funny video of how the MSM has some leaks here and there. Watch how this guy Gergan totally breaks the rule by talking about how Ron Paul is top tier. The woman is shocked and quickly brings up Herman Cain. Just some comedy relief guys.



p.s. David Gergan is very much an elitest. Don't think he is on our side in any way. There are some videos of him bashing Ron back in 2008.

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oh man...that says it all

What...what...i'm not prepared for this...my training says "NEVER MENTION RON PAUL" - no wait....i got this.

"Cain", "RP 3rd party" - whew....saved it.


She was petrified by the 'Ron Paul is top tier'comment. Ignoring him is one thing, but having a mini freak out when someone says he's top tier on air is another. I actually am not on the 'media conspiracy against Ron Paul' band wagon, but that was weird. It's as if Gergen broke a rule by saying that and it scared her to death.


I think this needs some scrutiny.

Welcome to the media conspiracy bandwagon, please take your seat

"It's as if Gergen broke a rule by saying that and it scared her to death."

You think? :O)


She gasps as though she's just seen a puppy decapitated with a circular saw.

That was rich!

A must see.

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