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O'Reilly Blames Ron Paul Supporters for low book ratings


He had a Miller Time segment as well and Miller( Who I always thought to be a genius) said he may go with Paul, Gingrich or Romney. This was followed up with Bill attacking Ron saying, "He wants to do the Lambada with Iran you cant agree with his foreign policies"
Later at the far end of the segment he says DISHONEST Ron Paul supporters gave him poor ratings BUT thank you to all those who read the book and gave it 5 stars recently because "YOU FIGHT DISHONESTY with HONESTY"
Meanwhile I looked at every single one of the new 5+ ramp fest in positive ratings and 80% have been in the last 2 days and have only 1 review which is Bill's book. Perhaps they are learning a lesson because we are fighting Dishonesty and disrespect towards the American Republic. And I did read you book Bill..I read everything related to American politics I possibly can.

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Hey, wait a minute Bill! I

Hey, wait a minute Bill! I thought we were just a bunch of teenage kids living in our mom's basement? There's not enough of us to do something like that on AMAZON??? Maybe there's a HELL of a lot of us out here, or your book just sucks? You choose.

A Farewell to Arms has a 4 star rating on Amazon

Bill O'Reilly thinks his piece of trash is perfection? Every comment he makes on Fox News should be followed by a laugh track.

These are men being "selfish"

O'Reilly and Miller are selling themselves as "presstitutes" to make a buck. They are putting themselves first. This is what Ayn Rand promotes. You cannot find fault with anyone who does whatever it takes to better themselves financially, as long as they are not violating the law, or injuring their fellow man. Am I correct?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

I read as much as I could...

Then I had to put it back on the shelf. Mindless adulation for one of the worst presidents we've ever had. I gave the book 1 star for good reason.

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O'Reilly likely got many

O'Reilly likely got many 1-stars because he had a ghost-writer pen a piece of sh*t... but no doubt, the blowback accounted for many. This is cause for celebration because, given my scoresheet, this is the only thing O'Reilly has ever been even slightly right about.

I dont know Bill O personally

but i doubt his arrogance would allow him to see the possibility that his book is bad?