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Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto 11/23: Post-Debate Comments

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Broken Link

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Has anyone else posted this video?

I haven't seen it :(

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When they ask him if he'll

When they ask him if he'll support the other guys he should ask them "Would you support Fidel Castro or Kim Jong Il if one of them were the republican candidate just because he had that (R) next to his name?"


Dr. Paul says a 3rd of people are with him on the issues. That would be great, but does anyone really believe this?

I believe It !

I've been meeting strangers out in the streets where I live, waving Ron Paul signs, and experiencing a very positive feedback from the folks in my Democratic voting state.

Why don't you believe it? Do you base your opinion on T.V. MSM shills ?


Why don't you listen to what Ron Paul says?

Ron Paul did not say that a 3rd of people are with him!

Is there something wrong with your ears?

He said the a 3rd of the audience were with him but a lot more around the country when he speaks!

So what are you talking about?


He does say more than a 3rd of the Country agrees with him. I think it's you who needs to listen with his ears! LOL

Like a Man

Real intelligent people dont read off telliprompters. Those are for ignorance.PUPPETS


I liked Neil Cavuto early in

I liked Neil Cavuto early in this campaign because he seemed respectful of Ron Paul and seemed interested in what Paul had to say. I don't like him anymore, though. As time goes by Cavuto shows less and less interest in Ron Paul's positions and can't wait to get to the questions about who Paul will endorse when he loses, and will he split the party when he loses. Neil Cavuto pretends to be friendly to Ron Paul's candidacy, but he's poisoning the well. Good for Ron Paul for not losing his cool, and continuing to campaign as the principled man that he is.

3rd Party Run Question is a "teaching moment"

While I have sympathy with the issue of an independent run as a "gotcha question," Dr. Paul's response in this interview was a useful appeal to both disillusioned Republicans & Democrats as well as independents. On the question of "loyalty," the answer is "to the Constitution first and foremost." In response to the partisanship of the two parties, Dr. Paul explicitly states that, once a president is elected, party ideology is abandoned, almost to the degree of betraying the respective "base" of each party. And he backs it up with examples. Implicitly, he says that a mainstream candidate of either party will result in more of the same. Dr. Paul is the antithesis of a negative campaigner; a question like this is one of the rare instances where he can clearly point out the systemic problems within "party politics" today. To put it bluntly, the voting public is gradually waking up to the fact that (a) Paul's run as an independent is highly unlikely, but (b) anyway, why should he be compelled to endorse hypocrisy?

I hope

I hope there is a freaking 20 degree below blizzard on the day of the Iowa caucus....if ya know what I mean.

I've been thinking that too

but then if Ron wins you know what they will say:

Ron Paul wins because only crazy people would go vote in weather like that.


cause everyone knows that RP supporters will "walk on glass" to support their candidate...

pity so few stop to ask "why"...

I love

What he said about Ronald Reagan. Sometimes when I am listening or watching a debate I hear them ask questions to Ron Paul and I think he is going to answer a way that fits the crowd because I was thinking of answering myself a way that wold fit the crowd and then he does not he says the truth and that is so shocking each time I see it, Slowly little by little I am learning to be the way that Ron Paul is, You do not have to give up you can stand your ground.

Thanks Ron Paul for being the greatest teacher.

Kinda like the Gingrich / McVeigh

RP came back honestly and with conviction. So ingrained in liberty.

My second favourite of his.

First (ambush question and he still answered it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88x6JdfjwCY

He tells the Truth.

A lot of people tell the truth all the time because it is The Right Thing To Do. I tell the truth all the time because I'm lazy. When you always tell the truth, you don't have to remember stuff! ;-)

Freedom is my Worship Word!


Neil Cavuto is a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you for allowing Mr. Paul to express his point of view with decency and respect. Unlike some I care not even mention.



This is a truly Great Man, a sage among men.

Honest, sincere, wise, humble, forthright, courageous.

Stands up for all of us, over and over, come what may, no matter what.

He cannot be bought bribed or sold for our freedom.


perfect example of...

why this man is my HERO!!!

A Great Conversation - Ron Paul is Right on !!

After all the interrogations and slams this was pure joy.

After many years in business and film/media production, I've learned never get over confident, assume the worse, never lose faith, always believe despite all odds against. Then celebrate hard when you win.

Ron Paul cannot support anyone else in the party because he has a die hard faith in his beliefs and I love him for it.

I have so much faith in Ron Paul, and so little faith in our current leaders/economy, I believe will be the next President of the US. The time and signs feel right for Ron Paul - the man of his convictions.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

I Believe Neil Cavuto treats Dr. Paul with much respect, however

he is asking many of the same questions the other pundits ask, but in a friendlier, less invasive way..You know what i mean?

I still have both eyes and ears wide open, looking for some sort of betrayal. Remember, Fox News still employees him to accomplish a certain goal. Neil seems to be fishing for something he can use for Fox News or for the MSM to hammer Paul with.

I'm sorry, but i don't trust any of them, save Judge Andrew Napolitano..

It seems Cavuto, like the other MSM pundits are trying to determine for sure if Ron Paul really means to stay away from the third party prospect.

Maybe the establishment is concerned that if Ron Paul goes third party he may screw up all of their of dastardly plans they have in store for us..I just haven't figured it out yet.

Choice your poison...

Barrack Obama or anyone other than Ron Paul will bankrupt our economy and continue the totalitarian agenda. Barrack will do faster than anyone else.


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I know what you mean

He likes to ask lots of questions and sometimes delivers them with(maybe) the intent to provoke a certain response he's looking for. I don't know for sure. Sometimes Neil acts almost too curious? As long as I have watched his program though, Neil's been good to him. Sometimes he wants to debate with Ron, but I think that's a good thing, as long as it's mutual and I think Neil is doing that.

All that aside, Neil gives Ron a decent respectable open platform for him to talk at length about issues. Thanks Neil :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

but this was a wasted opportunity

for Neil to get a unique angle of discussion. I'm sick to death of "Would/will you vote for another Republican" or "Will you run third party". He has said NO to the latter and who cares about the former?


slayed again!!!
So psyched this time around....oh how things have changed in a mere 4 years!!

I'm not sure why he does this but it gets to me.

On many occasions before this debate I've heard him project confidence.. Now I hear him giving his assessment and he seems almost like he expects to take second.

That bothers me and probably does people who are on the fence as well. I'm not going anyway, regardless but I sure wish he'd be more aggressive and at least say "I think we're going to win, Iowa".

Edit: Okay I listened to it two more times.. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I first thought.. I do think he has a tendency to relax around Neil a little too much. Neil may be nicer to Dr.Paul but he's still asking those loaded questions meant to marginalize.

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Ron Paul is taking this right on target

After many years in business and film and media production, never get over confident, assume the worse, never lose faith, always believe despite all odds against. Then celebrate hard when you win.

Ron Paul cannot support anyone else in the party because he has a die hard faith in his beliefs and I love him for it.

I have so much faith in Ron Paul, and so little faith in our Economy, that I believe he will be the next President of the US.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

you have a point, however...

...that is just Doc doing as he urges US to do. "Run like you;re 20 points behind!!"

Also... what would we rather see??

"We've GOT this."
Followed by a 2nd or 3rd.

"I think we'll do well."
Followed by a WIN (or even a landslide).

I report... you decide ;-)

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when
everything the US public knows is false."
CIA Director William Casey, 1981

Dr. Paul did great.. Very

Dr. Paul did great..
Very important closing argument..
"More than the third of the country is with me"
I think that addresses the electablity issue.

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How far ahead would RP be with a level playing field?

Cavulto does the right thing. Score one for him.

Will they ever get tired of asking him about a third party run?

Although his answer is getting very refined, loyality to the constitution, not a party. The MSM will stop asking the question when they realize that all the independents are in agreement with that.