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Caroling in Iowa

So every Christmas, my family goes caroling. Brass caroling -- three trumpets. Those who don't play instruments assist in pouring hot water into plastic baggies to keep our valves warm so they don't stick. We do this in Northwestern Minnesota, where it is cold and windy. Here's my question:

Are there any brass players here on the DP? I'm planning to be in Iowa between the 27th - 29th of December. I thought it would be a pretty cool and unique thing to do some caroling to promote the message of Dr. Paul. We'll go house to house and play a carol, then give the people a super-brochure and a DVD.

If there are no brass players, we can do it the old fashioned way and sing.

It's always a great time, and there's alcohol involved. (Rumplemintz -- warms you up)

Any brass players or singers that are going to be around, let me know. It would be FUN!

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Sounds fun! Not a brass

Sounds fun! Not a brass player...