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Ron Paul Campaign Collects Nearly 400 Pounds of Food for Iowa Food Bank

The food drive also was a way to spread Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's message that government assistance is unnecessary, said organizers.

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Great way to show how liberty works. This should become a regular thing for all Ron Paul groups everywhere.

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Charity in the Name of Dr. Paul!

I certainly had not giving this idea any thought. What a great way to show compassion for others while bringing Ron Pauls name to the forefront! This definitely couldn't hurt him in any way, in fact, it would only make him look that much better. We should all be thinking of ways in which we can help out others while also helping get Dr. Paul elected. Excellent article guys and way to go! 400 lbs of food is very commendable! You guys rock!


makes for good Thanksgiving Dinner discussion.

Thank you Steve

Perfect article to send to dems and independents.
We DO have a heart.

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bump for...

bumpability. Great going!

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

We are going to be working with the fire victims asap

Ron Paul people are awesome.


Please consider a bump and vote up for the above, we need it to go viral, to all your meetups, etc...Thanks!

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Just like a money bomb every little bit helps.


Wish I was local to help.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

That's all?

What went wrong? 400 lbs is not much.

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4 cans.

A local radio station here had a food drive. 11 people showed up and they collected 4 cans. I think this was a commendable effort!

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imagine how much could be collected in a thriving, Ron-Paul-as-President economy? :)

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Good job!

Good job!