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Nevada & northern California RP people, write Letters to the Editor! I have all the e-mail addresses for you!

After the debate last night, I HAD to write Letters to the Editor. YOU need to, also.
I've done all the hard work for you.
The addresses are below, ready to fire.
This letter is too long for about half the sites, so I wrote an abridged version for them.

Please, when you can't make phone calls, write letters. I've written so many, that I have to use my husband's name to get under the radar.

Cynthia Kennedy

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

If you saw the republican candidates' debate this past Tuesday, you know that the only one who truly upholds Franklin's conviction is Ron Paul. While Gingrich shot back about how Oklahoma City could have been avoided with the Patriot Act (which is highly unlikely), Dr. Ron Paul was not given the time to include in his response that Timothy McVeigh's motivation for bombing the federal building, was the massacre at Waco of 76 innocent men, women and children (and some British nationals). The actions there in Waco by then president Clinton, and attorney general Janet Reno, violated posse comitatus, in which federal military cannot be used to enforce the laws of the land without an act of Congress. When you think about it, this is one of our most precious protections of our freedoms. Something that ONLY Ron Paul was willing to stand up for of all the candidates on that stage in, ironically, Constitution Hall.

Also, in this neo-con hawkfest, much was bandied about regarding bombing Iran, before they could bomb us, and Pakistan's nuclear capabilities. Bachmann spoke stridently of our payments to Pakistan for their "intelligence" sharing. I wanted to remind her that Bin Laden was found just down the road from Pakistan's version of West Point, where he'd been living for years, about which we received not one crumb of "intelligence" from Pakistan. We're actually greasing Pakistan's palms for the privilege of using their port to bring in military infrastructure for our endless war in Afghanistan. Then, Santorum had to launch into how we need to also be on guard for possible wars with central and South America!

Honestly, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is not looking for war, or continuing to insult other countries in this madness to control them, their elections and foreign policies. Finally, he's the ONLY candidate who understands that our country is broke, and all this warring and empire-building will bring us to worse financial ruin, and spoil any goodwill we have in this world.

Patrick Kennedy





storeystories@gmail.com, comstockwriter@yahoo.com









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Hey there. thank you for all your work...I will do this

however, I have been working really hard on this, please support and send to your meetups etc... Thank you.


Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

well done Cynthia...

...I might just copy & paste your letter and send to my local paper :-)

Feel free to plagiarize!

I do it all the time as there are so many brilliant people writing about Ron Paul.

I had to send this letter under my husband's name as the newspapers are sick of hearing from me.

I also think some of this would make good commentary on-line.

(((((((((((( ausscyn ))))))))))))))

You did an outstanding job and I'm proud of you for your determination and passion. Here are the papers I see; I don't subscribe to any, and none have published any letters on Ron Paul. The Press Democrat is downright nasty about Ron Paul. I appreciate what you wrote, but I'm thinking that "my" papers might let me get one letter in this year, and I thought it should be about medical marijuana, since that is the industry here, but, I'm not sure what my angle will be... OWS want it legalized because they want government jobs from it... that's growing a bigger govt.. state govt.. and not what Ron Paul is about, eh?

Sacramento Bee

Press Democrat

Anderson Valley Advocate

Fort Bragg Advocate

Mendocino Beacon

I'm a ausscyn fan. Keep up the great work and I WILL follow. God Bless you and yours constantly.

You know, sometime I feel like Ron Paul...

when no one voted "No," with him.

With no comments, it seems like all you are voting no on my efforts.

Now I'll go eat worms.