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Fox Power play all about Ron Paul

Juan Williams once again did not get the memo:


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They just admitted non of them can beat BO

They have already become apathetic and are ready for a lose to Obama. Did you hear her say we just have to concentrate on the senate. They would rather have Obama because he will break the law with them and not declare war and will torture and support the global power. They are exposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She also contradicted herself...

she said some like 'we all agree with Ron Paul on the economy and the Federal Reserve'... dissed him on his foreign policy... and then said something like 'we aren't worried about that [foreign policy], we have to concentrate on the economy.' So.... ???

she exposed her self for

she exposed her self for pandering...She said that ron paul says that united states brought on the 911 attack and that's just not what the americans want to hear..... wake up call lady. its not about what people want to hear but what they need to know!

A good doctor wouldn't lie to a patient

If you have cancer - you may not want to hear it... but that doesn't help any.

Gotta give credit to Juan

Gotta give credit to Juan Williams for raising the question. These Tea Party impostors can't possibly be part of the Tea Party. How can they not like Ron Paul...pathetic.

Totally. Man that lady really

Totally. Man that lady really got under my skin, I can feel her hate for Ron.

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who elected these two schmucks as the head of the tea party? Ron Paul is the Tea Party. If these people don't believe our Foreign Policy is partly to blame from the hatred all over the world of the USA, then they are NOT the real tea party. They are NEO-CONs that have tried to take over and somewhat successfully it seems.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Not only will I not

vote for anyone but Ron Paul, I will work actively against whomever is the neocon puppet that is forced on me. Just like with McCain and they will follow the same path to failure. Obviously these mental midgets have not learned a single thing in these past years, their heads are empty. Again they assert that Dr. Paul said that we brought it on ourselves...THAT'S NOT WHAT HE SAID AND THEY KNOW IT! He said the policy was flawed. He was not blaming the American people for this, damn propagandists. This country is in big trouble if these people are influencing voters.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

amazingly dumb !!

they want to have passion for a candidate against BHO, but they dont know why they dont have it ? Cant they go and find out why the RP people have it ? Passion comes from the inside, from seeing the truth and following it ! RP is all which BHO is not and yet they have fallen for the propaganda !! and they are "tea party" people !! gimme a break !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

This woman cannot even string a sentence together

And she intends to lecture all of us when she likely has not an iota of the self education we all have regarding reality? Go open your cupcake shop.

The answer is smacking them

The answer is smacking them in the face.

They complain about not seeing any candidate who has any spark, nor who will incite those who believe in them into fervent action.

Then you have the Ron Paul supporters who will do whatever it takes to win, not just the GOP, but the General Election.

Seems pretty damn obvious to me.

The opportunity to turn back the tide of what Obama/Romney stands for is what excites many of us IMO.

so, they don't want to hear

so, they don't want to hear the reasons behind 9/11, and really they're just concerned about their pocketbooks.. that's pretty shallow. I find it amusing that the tea party was started by Ron Paul supporters, and she says the tea party won't support him? Ya lady, go start a cupcake shop.

We Are Winning

Wow. I just watched this video and it confirmed what I had sensed from two conversations I had this week.

I spoke this week with a friend at church who is 'tea party' and he is tired of this field. He is at a total loss about who to vote for (of course I keep pumping RP).

Then I had a conversation with my Dad this week and he is tired of this field. He talks about Bachmann, but understands that she will not win (of course I keep pumping RP).

So after those two conversations I watch this and the tea party representative is DEPRESSED! She wants to make CUPCAKES! Of couse they would be Anti-Obama cupcakes.

People, we are WINNING. We are very excited about Ron Paul and the only other candidate that has any excitement at all for his campaign would be Romney.

If we keep this up in a respectful and passionate way, we will overwhelm the competition. They simply cannot stir up enough support for anybody else.

Life, Liberty... and the Pursuit of Happiness.

"at the end of the day"...

Amy "Tee-Hee Party Pay-triot"...you're an idiot.

I wish they would have discussed who's going to be able to defeat Obama without that "ceiling" of 15% that are RP supporters.

She gonna try so hard...working for a candidate that's going to TELL THEM WHAT THEY *WANT* TO HEAR.


"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Thanks Juan Williams

Thank you to Juan Williams for this interview. Juan kept referring back to Ron Paul when the two guest tried to blow him off.

Unfortunately these two tea partiers are exactly the type of sheeple we are up against. They are classic followers of Fox news and the MSM. With misinformation and lazy research they feel enlightened to ignore Ron Paul and go with Romney just because everyone else appears to be. They know enough to be arrogant and yet clueless about the Constitution. We must continue to find ways to break the neo-con mentality and sway the votes toward Ron Paul. I think one way is the SuperBomb project. We all need to get behind this and support it fully.

Good news, if the current situation continues.

No one likes the other scumbags. Die hard Republicans will not show up in force for them. If they do, they will be split amongst them and not solidly behind any 1 candidate. The Republican Party is losing membership, except where Ron Paul brings in new members, and those supporters don't leave him.

I know that was hard to watch but it does show that the caucuses are looking good for us. By the end of March 6th, Super Tuesday, we should have a pretty good indication of where we sit by then. Unfortunately for us, most states are primary and not caucus.

2012 Primary/Caucus Schedule

Congressional Primaries: Open, Closed, Semi-Closed, and "Top Two"

I think

they pulled the video all i get is a blank screen

it's there

watching now

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

James & Amy -

Wonk - wonk - If they represent the "Tea Party" - they are shills - would love to email or FB and ask them some questions. Makes me work harder to get the word out for Dr. Paul..

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

His two guests are very

His two guests are very simple.

I wonder how that lady got to represent to Tea Party Express?

Since she is not part of the Original Tea Party, a decendent of Dr. Paul presidential run in '07/'08, I wonder why she felt fit for the position, who does she represent? I feel like the current 'Tea Party' is the result of the game 'whisper down the lane' where one person said to the next what the previous person said to them. By the end of the chain of people, the meaning is all mixed up and only partially recognizable by the one who did the initial whispering. That was a long and unnecessary analogy. Anyway who does this lady think she is?


oh my...this is painful to watch

Juan is really trying to pull something out of nothing...that lady should stop trying to be a political analyst and just go open a cupcake shop.


No one will turn out

to support Romney, Gingrich, Cain or any of those other fools.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Why wouldn't people "coalesce behind" Ron Paul?

He's been elected how many times in Texas? And didn't a million people vote for him in the primaries in '08?

All Fox has to do is stop bashing and ignoring Ron Paul and he'd win. Shut up O'Reilly and all the other shills who spew hatred toward Dr. Paul, and he'd rise exponentially.

The only political party the media recognizes is (N) for Neocon.

Very well said.

That's why I'm voting party too.. The Ron Paul party.

Why should they think we should bend when we have our guy and stand firm behind him and they will just back any hobo that has an R (N) attached to their names.

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Vote for the one that will win.

So much for the "Tea Party" on voting on principle. All talk -- no walk.

Why is it only Democrats seem to have integrity?

With the exception of Ron Paul, that is. It is time for us to wage war with the Tea Party establishment; for, with few exceptions, the Tea Party sold out the voters on the budget.
It is time to point out that George W. Bush handled 911 miserably and tried to compensate by oppressing the American people and by waging war with people who are not our enemies.
Ron Paul did NOT "lose support" for pointing out 911 was the result of "blowback" from a stupid, self-defeating and evil foreign policy. Quite the contrary; had Ron Paul backed down to Guiliani's attack in 2008, he would not have the loyal support and allies among the progressives he has now. Let's expose these liars and hypocrites within the GOP, for they are a far greater threat to the nation than anyone outside the Obama administration.

Just wait for the general election

Then we will see the Democrats' true colors. As bad as the Republicans have been, they are going to be worse.

I am so positive that Ron, a

I am so positive that Ron, a humble doctor, could beat a LAWYER like Obama, (especially in a debate) that I can hardly believe it myself! But I do.