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Ben Swann's new 'Reality Check' segment - "Is Newt Gingrich Right about Presidential Authority to Assasinate?"

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Ya, on that site he has like

Ya, on that site he has like 4 tubes of broadcasts that were all MORE than fair to Ron. :D

Sending a Christmas card

Sending him a Christmas card

ATT:Ben Swann
19 Broadcast Plaza
635 West 7th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45203

Here's the video on YouTube

Here's the video on YouTube if the mods want to embed it:


This man is a true

This man is a true journalist. He unveils truth. The people who get to listen to Reality Check, are very lucky. It is short, factual, and to the point. Ben Swann is becoming a folk hero of media.

ahhh!! That gives me an idea!!

How about if we all go to his local TV station's web-site, find the Reality Check page, bookmark it, then click directly to it several times a day??

Would those "direct hits" not register as a WINNER for them?? (and Ben, of course)

okay, I just did it...

...bookmarked and dragged up near the top of my Bookmarks list, right by the daily Paul.


I'm sure Ron Paul...

...has plenty of really good ones in mind for Press Secretary, but this kid surely ought to be a "nominee." (Besides... he may NEED a job in a few months!!)

Good video.

Thanks for posting.

What city is this from?

What city is this from?

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I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke



Part 2 is up.

Part 2 is up. He finishes with acknowledging Ron Paul as the only one with the right answer.


Be sure to Like Ben Swann on FB

Be sure to "Like" Ben Swann on Face Book. Trying to get his number of likes over 10,000.

Just did this

Thanks for the suggestion. Also, his e-mail is bswann@fox19.com. I just e-mailed thanking him for his honest, refreshing approach.



Benn swann just hit the big time .

This guy is going to be under the microscope on this one . I wish him lots of luck this is a big power they want .


What? Newt Lies

... or is he just un-informed?

Newt seems too smart to be an idiot - so then he's misleading on purpose (a.k.a. lying)

Watch This Now

New fan

Love this guy too!! So hard to find any truthful investigation.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut


This story is of UTMOST importance and determines whether or not the Constitution means ANYTHING anymore or whether we truly live under a dictatorship.

This is an all important EPIC FAIL for Gingrich and proves he is no more eligible to be President than Mickey Mouse is.

Your comment is filled with

Your comment is filled with bias, what did Mickey Mouse do to deserve such an out of hand dismissal :-)