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Rallying our Troops before AND after a caucus

If Ron Paul is going to win the nomination it is going to be because we effectively rally and organize our supporters before and after the caucuses. It is all about showing up and knowing what to do.

These contests have low levels of turnout. In in my area for example I know from my experience in 2008 that many of the precincts are empty on election day meaning if only one of our supporters that lives in that precinct shows up we basically get an automatic precinct delegate assuming they are willing and able to go to the convention. Around here we elect precinct delegates on caucus day to go on to the district convention. There these precinct delegates vote on delegates to represent the district at the county convention. There these district delegates elect county delegates to attend the state convention. Then at the state convention the county delegates select the state delegates to the national convention where they elect the GOP presidential nominee.

The important thing to note is that we must organize and make sure we know who are supporters are that are elected precinct delegates on caucus day. We need this information because we have to make sure that not only do these people show up to the convention, but that we have a slate of delegates that they all know to vote for so that we don't spread our votes too thin by, for example, all voting for ourselves to be the delegate to the next convention thus ensuring that we all lose.

Not everyone can be a delegate to the national convention! We have to organize and choose amongst ourselves at each stage a group of the most committed most available people to attend the next convention and make sure everyone knows their names and that they are to vote for them.

I would not expect the official campaign to do this for us, we need to make sure this happens on a grassroots level. We should gather after the caucus and get everyone who was elected a delegate to share their information, say by creating an e-mail list so we can organize our slate for the convention.

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