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Jamie Dupree Twitter (friendly) Battle (I think)

If anyone follows DC insider @Jamiedupree he put out a "Debate report card"


where he stated that Dr. Paul "demonstrated his isolationistic feelings" which will prevent him from being a "mainstream" GOP.

I decided to tweet him in response, a simple tweet:

Non-intervention is no isolationism. Why don't you understand this?

He didn't tweet, me, but send me a message:

sorry, but refusing to get involved overseas is what isolationism is all about; "non-intervention" is just another term for that

So I respond:

@jamiedupree Non-intervention means respecting sovereignty, free trade with many, entangling alliances with nobody, as Jefferson noted
@jamiedupree @RonPaul doesn't "refuse" to get involved overseas, he doesn't cede power to the executive, you must respect the constitution

and he comes back:

jamiedupree: non-intervention=isolationism much like crocodile=alligator

I tweet:

@jamiedupree Sorry, that comparison isn't valid. #zoologyfail

he tweets:

and neither is your hair splitting between isolationsim and non-intervention #politicsfail

Me again:
@jamiedupree where do you agree with @RonPaul ?

@jamiedupree Now is the time not to defend outdated treaties but to defend the American people- GWBush #RonPaul also wants to DEFEND the USA

then he kind of walks back the tough talk:

you misunderstand - I am a reporter - I don't agree with any of the candidates, I report on them

I respond:

@jamiedupree thanks for ur time, but I feel you must report the difference between the two. esp since only 29% ID as GOP vs 38% Ind

So he kinda tripped himself up trying to speak analogy to a BS in Biology, lol, but seemed cordial, but is pushing the "isolationist" mantra, maybe he realizes it now, but i dont think he'd ever change his "reporting" tactic.

I'm @agonzo1 on twitter

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An Isolationist would not want to trade with other countries right?

not too hard to understand...

Not understanding the difference between isolationism and non-intervention is like not understand aggresive behavior vs assertive behavior...how can one call this "splitting hairs" when one approach will often lead to RADICALLY different results than the other....hmmm....

What is isolationist?

Sounds to me like sanctions (economic isolation) and no fly zones is much more isolationist than trade, travel and friendship.

So, do we have an isolationist policy towards Canada because we neither threaten them nor support them?

I don't understand that if we aren't threatening someone militarily then we are isolationist, like there is no other option.

yeah reallly

i'll keep that in mind too, i forget about the canada thing because it's so close, same could be said about mexico..


lol !!

first he tries to keep the upper hand by blabbering what the MSM and his bosses have stuffed into his brain. He gives some stupid analogy and finally falls back to a defensive seemingly un-emotional position of being a "reporter" and just telling the truth. he knows his knowledge is shallow and he painted himself into a corner. that was good. a reporter is someone like Ben Swann !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Maybe he should count...

all of the isolationist nations in the world (using his own definition) and weigh that count against those that are interventionist and see which have the most incidents of terrorism targeting their citizens. It could be rather eye opening as to what we SHOULD be.

It is these idiots, who have the same tools for research that the rest of us possess, that refuse to look at history in forming their "opinions" as to what should and should not be. And it is these "opinions" that are driving us willy nilly into the dirt.

Specifically, it is their ignorance as to the history of oil that the folly of "American Interests" can continue to be foisted on the American public. Incredible amounts of information concerning the capital and human expenditures to gain control over oil, litter the landscape of any interested researcher, and it completely eludes all who refuse to go looking.

Conspiracy? You betcha.

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

Every little step we can push someone forward on is great

so keep up the great work!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!