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To Arms! To Arms! Movement On The Far Right(/Far Left?) Flank In Iowa!

Mitt Romney Is on the move with his 14+ Million Reserve Notes and thinking he can Divert the attention of the Iowan Voter.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-romney-...

Stand Fast soldiers!!! The Only Way For The Tyrant From Massachusetts to Solidify our Defeat is to hit our hub of power & movement - "Our Center of Gravity". That gravity is the power of people waking up!!! If he has his way with those millions, he could stall our progress and tarnish our spirit!!!! We are strong!!! History is on OUR side!!! There is No Other Choice than to Keep Phone Banking and Break the Dec. 16th 2007 Record!!!! We MUST SWEAT, TOIL, BLEED, AND SACRIFICE (NOT OUR LIBERTIES OF COARSE!!! BUT,) THE THINGS THAT ENSLAVE US ALL DAY, EVERY DAY; DAY IN AND DAY OUT!!! SELL THE SCRAP METAL FROM YOUR ARMS AND LEGS AND NECK!!! AND DONATE TO RON PAUL!!! IF ROMNEY SPENDS AS MUCH AS NEEDS TO DO TO CHANGE THE MINDS OF IOWANS AND FAILS TO PLACE IN THE TOP THREE, THAT WILL MORE THAN PUT THE REVOLUTION IN THE MOST STABLE SET OF TRACK THAT WE COULD EVER HOPE FOR FINANCIALLY AND POLITICALLY!!! 7 MILLION DOLLARS ON DEC. 16th with the REST of THE QUARTER WILL HAVE DR. PAUL BACK TO $10 MILLION CASH-ON-HAND AND WILL BE DOUBLE THAN WHAT HE HAD ON JAN. 1st 2008!!!! THE PLACE IS IOWA!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!! HOLD THE FLANK!!!!! HOOOOOOOOLLDDDDD!!!!!!!

Watch, if you have not: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgNzOy5Y1vM


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