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Good Ron Paul article in Al Jazeera

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Really good article! ty

Really good article! ty

thank you for posting


13,111 more?

I think he has already gained that, according to the RevPac poll.

when it comes to news in the

when it comes to news in the middle east. Al-Jazeera is my go to choice. All our media has no qualms in lying to the American people about what is really going on.

TheBMT I agree! - but it used to better

some time around 2002 or '03 their board of directors got replaced by a bunch of former US Ambassadors to the region. I remember this was very upsetting to the journalists and they were posting all over the place that they felt they could not report properly. I'm not sure what the current situation is, but I do remember that being an issue with the reporters at AlJazeera.