!! The Cafferty File 5-24-07 !! - Ron Paul Educating Rudy

This is huge. No, the American People are not stupid.

Thank you J for the tip.

Also - this clip from the late WCBS 2 News broadcast in New York City on Thursday night:

Thanks to kayokleptocrats for the posting. It is a pretty extraordinary little clip. It is just under one minute, but the announcer says, "The GOP race for the presidential nomination is heating as Rudy Giuliani faces more criticism over his foreign policy experience."

Hmm...good. More criticism. She continues,

"Congressman Ron Paul famously took on Rudy Giuliani in the debate a few weeks ago ... "

Good so far...Famously. She continues:

"Paul arguing that America's foreign policy actions in the middle east invited the 911 attacks..."

WRONG! Dr. Paul didn't say that. She continues,

"Today Paul recommended that Giuliani do his homework and that the former mayor of New York City should start by reading the 911 Commission Report."

Then we have a nice clip of Dr. Paul showcasing the books he expects Giuliani to read "by the next debate." (!!! It looks like we're going to have a showdown at the June 5th CNN debate! !!!) The announcer closes the piece with, "A Giuliani spokesperson says 'it is extraordinary and reckless to claim that the US invited the attacks.'"

That may be true, but Dr. Paul never made that claim. See the Cafferty report above to find out what people think of Giuliani purposely mangling and misrepresenting Dr. Paul's words.

I also find it interesting that WCBS would show this clip in NYC. The piece is somewhat skewed towards the former mayor's side, but Dr. Paul gets a lot of exposure, which is great. Maybe WCBS thinks that New Yorkers will rally around the former mayor? It will be interesting to see how New Yorkers do respond. If anyone has any follow up info on this - by all means let me know.

Michael Nystrom

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Dr Paul on a T?

Lemme tell you what I did...

I took the .pdf files you made available of this site, and instead of printing them on paper, a put them on t-shirts!

Costs less than 4 bucks a shirt, and what I've been doing is trading RP backers, they give me a check for $20 made out to the RP campaign, i give 'em a t. Over $100 so far. I'll mail it all in at once.

Mebbe someone else out there might wanna try this too.


OT: A while back they took suggestions for the official site

This seems like a good add on for the site: http://www.yourpatriot.com/Home.aspx

Also, this company did a great job at overhauling Tommy Thompson's site. I would give them a look over:

Vote for FREEDOM!

Here is a better video of that CBS news story!

CBS went and prepared a hit job against Ron Paul, you can see the video here: http://wcbstv.com/local/local_story_144165257.html

As for the better YouTube video, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13Ow1-1_aPU

Also, I can't believe it. A great article on Dr. No.


Vote for FREEDOM!