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Flashback Ron Paul Never Wavered. From Thousand of Supporters to Millions


Not sure if this was posted before. But this is a small documentary about Ron Paul supporters utilizing the internet and propagating the message of liberty, anti war, anti tax libertarian message, end the fed. How the political establishment was stunned about the solid Ron Paul supporters and how individual supporters are the free creativity to promote his message.

Some supporter said that "Ron Paul Cured my Apathy"
And Ron Paul Replied "You've eliminated my skepticism."

Looking back. We have accomplished so much now. But there are still a lot of work to be done.

Ron Paul President 2012.

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Well, That Raised a Few Questions

1. Will it outlast the campaign?

2. Is it just about Ron Paul?

3. Is the MSM obsolete and incompetent, or malicious?

4. Are we having fun, yet?

5. Who started the Tea Party?

Yes, we saw that in the 2008 campaign.

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Great memories...

... David Epstein PhD. (PhD?) He highlights those who need govt. support, the uneducated, etc. Let's test that theory. One could argue that the Amish, with their lack of sophistication, lack of electricity, etc., and their lack of education (if only measured by the costly education offered by the feds and states) make them prime suspects of govt. handouts. Not so. The govt. has exempt the Amish from having to pay SS taxes! How stupid are these PhDs?

Plano TX

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Or how mercenary are they?