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The man who refused a TSA-style search and the judge who dismissed charges against him

When I hear stories like this, my heart quickens, my eyes widen, and I can feel the spirit of rebellion rising up from my stomach. I’m so encouraged by this sort of thing that “I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself!” This is the story of a man who refused outright to submit to the police state’s unconstitutional, TSA-funded search of his bag before allowing him to board his train on the T, Boston’s public rail system. And after his arrest, a judge dismissed his charges!

The story, published this Monday at The Boston Herald, is especially timely because the TSA’s ten year anniversary was this past weekend. Everyone’s “favorite” police state bureaucracy has turned ten, which is only barely older than the children it routinely assaults in the name of “national security” (like a six year old boy this summer, who told his parents he “didn’t want to go to Disneyland anymore” after being assaulted by a TSA officer for the ever-so-suspicious act of flying by plane).

The Boston Herald reports:

‘Meet Robert Goodwin, the civil libertarian poster boy who defied T police and got arrested for entering Alewife station after refusing to submit to a TSA-style inspection…

Courts have upheld the right of transit agencies to randomly search passengers’ carry-on bags.

“It’s a recommended practice by the federal government, by TSA,” said Deputy Transit Police Chief Joseph O’Connor. The T receives $1 million annually from TSA to conduct the roving inspections. “If a passenger does refuse, they are given the option to leave the station. They will not be allowed admittance to that station. That is the passenger’s choice.”

Read More: http://silverunderground.com/2011/11/rebels-of-the-week-the-...

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ticket for trespassing

From the article, "arrested for trespassing after he balked at having his laptop bag swabbed Oct. 26. “It’s an invasion of my privacy because they are singling out people with bags. If you’re going to work and you need to carry things in a bag, you are automatically suspected of terrorism.”"

I don't know the law on this - does refusal to submit to a checkpoint meet legal definition of trespassing?

Occupy Airports.

How many judges are willing to uphold their Oath to support the Constitution?

Free includes debt-free!


A big

thumbs up to Robert Goodwin and Cambridge District Court Judge Roanne Sragow...

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Yes, it took courage for both of them