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A Thank You Letter to Our Neighbors

Dear Patriotic Neighbors abroad,

It's hard to put into words the feelings it brings me when you're in the DP chat, post content/comment and the many other things. However, until a few days ago I did not realize how much you have done for Ron Paul online with private contributions, this took the feelings even further. I did not have any fancy numbers to look at too measure how much (the DP, Ron Paul forumns, Ron Paul products etc.) private business gets from your help in the States; but, I started to think of it economically and historically what you are doing.

Personally, I am 20 years old and contribute money to almost every bomb and head up a OTC YFRP in Springfield, MO. Since, I have all this going on I never really think to become a full member on DP. I never really think to subscribe or buy anything in the States unless its from the campaign.

It's difficult to contribute to the campaign directly from abroad and this has caused you to fund private hubs for RP supporters etc. It breaks down to this. You are giving your hard earned labor to support a revolution of the mind in another country; in hopes that it may someday spread to yours, maybe after you have passed. Human beings are the most beautiful creatures alive; What passion, what glory, what you have done brings me to tears. When we rewrite history. You will be remembered. You will never be forgotten.

Thank you Forever and Always,
Patriots Of America

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Canadian here

I tried contributing by purchasing super brochures for precincts in Iowa. to my disappointment, I must be an American citizen. Ill stick to contributing to Daily Paul, and pitch in projects, or just buying Ron Paul gear and mailing to Americans. Best money I've spent in years. It is truly exciting watching this man, this movement, overcome so many obstacles. We must all, across the world come together, and do whatever we can to get this man elected. For Liberty!


Why do people want Ron Paul? What motivates us? Why would anyone care really?

Let's be real, do we believe Ron Paul will make our problems go away, no, he absolutely will not. Is he going to wave a magic wand and make our lives better...no he isn't. Is he going to do anything to tangibly help me...no he isn't. Yet, I woke up this morning and my first thought was...what can I do to help him. Why vote for this guy?

There is no where for me to go...there is no land where I as an individual am respected and protected.

All Governments seize what they please and dicate morality to me and worse, to my children.

My savings will likely have no value to pass on to my children. This is not a society where we can work to elevate the standing of future generations, but where we live beyond our means and sell the rights of our children. I can't escape, I can't do more for them...a penny saved isn't a penny earned...my work rots in the bank. My children will not receive the benefit of my hard work.

Instead of working 40 hours a week, I work 60. Instead of being a single income family we need dual income families. I have no idea what I will need to retire, or whether the dollars I have will be worth anything. It's not just me either, every year...we need to work more hours and make more sacrifices to make ends meet...all the while our savings are worth less. In the 50's, single income families...then we got dual income families...now two parents both working overtime and someone expects me to believe that we're getting richer? Or that something isn't inherently wrong? That my time isn't being stolen by people eroding my purchasing power...and that's translating into less time with my family?

My moral values, my belief, my belief in privacy, my beliefs in standing up for yourself and what you believe in, for being responsible for my community, for caring for others...those things are not tolerated by this society. People think these things are the governments business and problem. The poor...are not my concern, they are the governments concern...that's why we have welfare, insert social program etc. People don't feel responsible for themselves...or their community.

Ron Paul, because I want simple things like to retire, work less hours, and have a better life to pass on to my children...things the Federal Reserve steals from us.

Ron Paul, because I do feel responsible for my community.

Ron Paul, because I want my children to enjoy the better life I have worked to build for them.

Ron Paul, Freedom means responsibility and responsibility builds character. A better society, a social framework that supports my values, whether unanimous or not...a society that doesn't persecute dissenters.

Ron Paul, because I don't want my children to go to war needlessly.