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Help "Reality Check" Anchor Ben Swann Get Weekly Ron Paul Segment

Remember Ben Swann's Reality Check Segment on Ron Paul?


Please help him get a weekly Ron Paul segment on his station by "liking" his page on Facebook, because his videos are sure to go viral on the internet ten times over!

"Like" here:

“Thanks for all the support. I have to tell you that the networks may want to ignore you but the Ron Paul nation has serious power behind it. Please continue to “Like” my facebook page. If I can hit 10,000 fans I am going to push for a weekly segment on Ron Paul. Hard for the upper management to deny when that kind of power is behind you.”
-Ben Swann

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Rand Paul 2016

Not far to go now folks.

Not far to go now folks. We're fewer than 700 mouse clicks from making this happen.

1 down, 610 more to go.

Will be interesting to see if he gets his segment :)

lets give it a STRONG PUSH!!! ALMOST THERE

We are winning!!!!!!!

we're getting close!

the count is closing in on 9,200... just a little more than 800 Likes to go!

liked it

liked it

already "liked" about...

...a week or two ago. (bump for attention of others who haven't yet)

reedr3v's picture

a me too bump