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How the Democratic Party Buys Your Vote

Libertarianism is the forbidden fruit; the Welfare State has made this woman and her children lifelong liberals. This woman who has a “mental” disability does not work because of fear of losing the benefits (dependent on a socialistic State) yet after four years of receiving $820 month for a disorder that restricts her from working (Well, not really, remember she “wants” to work but if she did they’d take away the free money. Working is a lot of, well, work.)

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How the government buys their votes with your money

might be a more accurate title, since we wouldn't want to slight the Bushies and their "drugs for geezers" (Medicare part D) program.

Baug: Interesting, eh? It

Baug: Interesting, eh? It makes a good picture. It's difficult to Judge what becomes 'viral' in the Ron Paul circles and what doesn't concerning articles or videos, even "groups" or "bombs" - It's very interesting to see how some of them take off - and others are just run of the mill.


Great article, but I got one key takeaway from that which I will be using in future debates.

His illustration of baseline budgeting is perfect. It's a difficult concept to explain sometimes as eyes glaze over.

Saying that every year your Grandma gives you a Dollar more than she did last year is a good way of explaining it.

The only problem is that illustrates linear growth when baseline budgeting actually creates exponential growth... but it should still get the point across.

Good read!