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Seeking Poster who sent me hand made yard signs

Today I received package of awesome yard signs sent to me November 14TH, from a Daily Pauler whose handle I regretfully forget. I have searched my posts, and the Daily Paul, for the original post, which had a picture of what the signs looked like. I wanted to find that so my friends on DP could recall and see what I received today. I can't find it, and I don't recall the name of the poster who gave me this awesome gift of one campaign sign, and six hand made signs:

Ron Paul for Liberty
Ron Paul Let Freedom Ring
Ron Paul Restore The Republic
Who Is Ron Paul?
Ron Paul Honest Statesman
Ron Paul rEVOLution

I am very pleased with the signs and will post pictures soon. I hope the poster sees this, I will be sending a THANK YOU card. What an awesome day... here's to spreading the love in the rEVOLution!!!

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I responded to you

And you didn't respond back on another post. Does that mean you are a coward?


Check the post down the list for "Operation Sign Bomb".