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Easy Action Item You Can Do From Home!

The first procedural step towards the presidency is to secure enough Delegates at Caucus to become the majority at all the state conventions. Primary states still need Delegates too. The numbers are looking good, and we are making great strides to winning the election. We're about to break 1500 friends on the Facebook page, and 20,000 views on the Delegates Training Page. But we can still do better! (and we need to do better)

The quick and easy way you can help Ron secure the Delegate count is to broadcast this quote on your Facebook and social networks this message,

[QUOTE]You Can Help Ron Paul Win! Secure Enough Delegates, and Secure Liberty for Generations to Come! Become a Delegate for Ron Paul!" Share this link with all your Friends on Facebook and Social Networks! - [url]http://ronpauldelegates.wordpress.com/[/url][/QUOTE]

Props to 1836 with this post on our forums this is exactly the type of information we need to broadcast to every Ron Paul supporter. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?330516-How-Ron-Paul-Wins-the-Nomination-(full-nomination-schedule-delegate-s-and-analysis)

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