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ronpaulstreet.com new tool in fighting for RP

Just came across this from ronpaulforums.com (http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?333125-Do-You-Li...) that a person has opened up a website called: http://ronpaulstreet.com/. I think it is worth checking out. I won't make an attempt at describing I will provide the creator's outline of what this does and how it works below. I think the key with all of the amazing and creative things the RP supporters have come up with is to make sure to identify ways of coordinating with each other. This idea/site below is about as localized yet national application you can think of. And if other more IT savvy folks can build and harness each other's super ideas to get an edge or gain some insightful knowledge that otherwise would be unattainable it is worth it.

From "2ndfor1st" at Ronpaulforums.com

"Objective: The original game plan was to get more Ron Paul signs (supporters) on every street than other candidates and provide a reporting system to manage which streets are winning and losing. If there's more Romney signs on your street, Ron Paul is losing that street. A report in the system will alert people in your area that more canvassing, sign donations, converting more Ron Paul support is needed in that area. After I spent weeks researching ways to do something like this, I discovered a platform that will allow us to do that and MUCH MUCH MORE.

What does RonPaulStreet.com do? - Its a user contributed mapping and reporting system - You (anyone) can submit any type of report with location of the incident/event and include photos, videos, geo-location, description, date and time, your contact info (optional), and be alerted when others report them near you. We can monitor the entire election process, voting locations, exit polling, cavassing, events, sign waving, ron paul sign and brochure local distributors, meetups, news, and more. Send reports via email, tweets, and soon SMS (if volunteers can donate to costs). This is the ultimate canvassing tool.

Psychology: Sign waving is not bad, but a sign in front of your house forces people to identify with you and the candidate. People convert when they can identify with something. It's a form of peer pressure when your neighbor see's your sign. They have to consider Ron Paul every morning when they drive by it (lol). Many people don't identify with random people holding up signs. It has more impact on them when they know the person holding the sign. We should all have a sign in front of our homes and super brochures on hand to give our neighbors when they spark conversation, and believe me, they will. There's many threads on here that discuss how to handle these discussions. Sentinelrv did an awesome write up. He also did a video somewhere on this, i recommend you search for it. This tool makes it FUN to win street after street. Please get started, I know you all know where some winning/losing streets are, please report them, lets have fun winning this election.

Your job is to report as much Ron Paul incident in your area as possible. We need to take over the map, one street at a time. If you see a ron paul sign snap a photo and its location and report it. I posted the first Ron Paul Street into the system here. I'm reporting Billboards, everything. There is an app for iphone/android for this but I'll need to do a separate post on that with instructions...I'm still getting familiar with it.

If you order signs in bulk for people in your area, submit a report, and select the "Ron Paul Sign Distributor" category and leave all the info people need to contact you. You'll pop up on the map as a distributor and people will be able to find you instantly.

The potential for this tool is endless. I'm working with the developers of an awesome project http://RonPaulCountry.com - EVERYONE CHECK THAT OUT AND SETUP AN ACCT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! - We are working on a way to join the memberships so you can jump back and forth from both sites...stay tuned

Please send any questions, suggestions, and feedback here and I will try to keep up with any support needed here.

HELP WANTED: Looking for PHP developers to help build on to the system, to include feeds for events and so forth. Please contact me if you're available to help. Also, we need as many moderators as we can get per area. IF you want to be a moderator in your area, please contact me.

Thank you for reading,

Now lets win this!"

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Thank you whatever5678

Thanks for re-posting this over to the dailypaul. I'm already seeing traffic coming from DP - I was like, damn people are quick to spread the message - that's exactly what we need.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please let me know.

I'm also looking for PHP developers, and some photos (reports) of winning/losing Ron Paul Streets.

I want to show a side by side comparison of a winning vs losing street. If anyone is living near a losing street, please report it so action can be taken.

Thank you all!

no problem

wish I could help more. Your site is pretty intense. I will be getting on there myself tonight.