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Video: I spoke at Charlotte City Council as a Ron Paul supporter!

Hi Everyone!

I'm a Ron Paul supporter, needless to say. I spoke last night at City Council on the occupy movement, and introduced myself as a Ron Paul supporter. It went really well.

I don't know how to say this, so I'll just put it out there: I am an Army Veteran, and I will be seeking public office one day. Please check out my video, as I would love it to be posted on the dailypaul.


Here is a transcript of my speech:

Thank you Mayor Foxx and members of city council for hearing me today. My speech is on Occupy Charlotte and our Country’s fiscal situation. My goal is to persuade you to stay the course on how you have treated this spontaneous uprising compared to other cities, and support them in every way to do their protests.

10 years ago today, and during the 9/11 attacks I was a Sergeant in the 3rd Infantry Division in former Yugoslavia, protecting Muslims from genocide. Being in that spot in history made me very interested in foreign policy, politics, economics, history, philosophy and warfare. It made me dedicate my life to others, just like all of you here. Please take in what I am about to say as if I were a citizen meeting you at the grocery store who insisted on a minute of your time, and trust that I am sincere and not just wanting to rant on TV. Full disclosure, however – I am a Ron Paul supporter.

Our country is broke, Roman Empire style, and big changes worldwide are going to happen in the next few years. TARP in -07 and QE since then just kicked the can and the day of reckoning down the road. Being the issuer of the worlds reserve currency allowed the Federal Government to transition us from a free Republic to a military Empire, and we got cheap goods from abroad. Even though our country has been in decline and we have been uncompetitive for decades, we have been able to print and borrow to maintain our standard of living. The housing bubble was Americas last spending spree. This system is rapidly coming to an end. The unraveling of the world-wide dollar reserve standard is why there are protests in the Middle East, in Greece and now in our streets. The occupiers are right when they chant “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out”.

A lot of people have disdain for the occupiers because of their apparent flaws. However, the flaws in these protesters simply reflect American youth today. It’s not their fault – this is simply the stock of what America is putting out nowadays. Thank NCLB, our bankrupt culture and that we have lost the work ethic. But, despite them not being perfect human beings, the occupiers are better than the 85% of the people at home watching football on weekends. The only problem is that they are directing their efforts at BoA instead of at the Federal Reserve, the great counterfeiter ironically right across from 600 E Trade street. It is the young in America who will be stuck with the bills, and face the prospects of a standard of living much lower than they once grew up with expecting and that you have enjoyed. This alone should command your respect.

It was very naive – and disgusting – for our Federal Government to coordinate evictions of occupiers around the country. As if ruining some tents and cracking a few skulls would make them give up and go home. Thank you for not participating in this. History will be kind to you. Different cities will be hit differently when inflation starts getting out of hand, and for all I know, a city like Oakland might get burned to the ground. Imagine if that Iraq Veteran would have actually died from that gas canister to his head?

In my opinion, our only hope is that the Tea Party and the Occupy movement find each other, form an “unholy alliance” between the anti-war far left and the anti-war far right, and force the Federal Government to end our military Empire before we are bankrupt. Its about time. I call “shenanigans” on their “we are the 99%” nonsense, since they still do not want to even start a dialog with the Tea Party. But if they did, and it happened in Charlotte, we can be the city that restores the Republic. Please go down there and talk to them, and try to make this happen. Camp out with them for a night – they aren’t protesting you, after all.

And to you who say they cost money and ruin property – Where was your frugality when we built NASCAR museums, white water centers and NBA arenas? If there even is even a small chance that this can happen here in the Queen City then we should facilitate it. If hyperinflation comes to America, there will be violence in the streets. (the hyperinflation sentence didn’t make it as I was running over on time) In Greece they are already throwing Molotov cocktails at police. Charlotte is a friendly city. Lets keep it that way. I might not agree with all the occupiers have to say, but I will fight for their right to say it. Why? Because I am America, and so can you.

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Nice Job..

You did better than this guy. (which isn't saying much)

He usually shows up to our city and county meetings with a RP yard sign straddled around the back of his neck, with about 10 bumper stickers of all persuasions stuck on it.
He has another two taped around his torso, with more stickers.

He wears a fluorescent orange cap with a giant weed leaf on the front, and a few other buttons.

I'm all for the 1st amendment, but wish some people would realize how they are hurting our cause by putting their pet issues to the forefront, and acting like clowns.

Louder and crazier, is not always better.

You represented yourself, and us well.
Thank you.

Great job!

I am in Charlotte as well. Let me know when you are ready to start that political career. I would love to help.

Funny thing,

Hey, I was actually planning on running for office in Sweden, (where I grew up) but now all these people are saying they want to help me. I could run as a libertarian, and they need people to run. Friend me on FB, and we can chat!

Charlotte City Council

I thought I recognized that place! It was from a youtube clip I saw of a guy who went nuts there!


I hope I didn't come across...

like he did. I got a friendly laugh after my Ron Paul comment.

Way to be active Steven!

That is one way to have a captive audiance for sure.

A few points:

1) Slow Down
2) Look up
3) Always start with your military service record.
4) Start & finish with a key catchy phrase that you want your audience to remember when they get home. This way, when their friends ask, "What did he say?" they will say your key catchy phrase....such as "Tear Down this Wall", or "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" or "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"..."America's only hope is for the TEA PARTY & OWS to find each other"... you get the idea.
5) Because its you doing the educating and you want them to think about YOUR words, I suggest that you never ever say you are Ron Paul supporter -its counter productive to your purpose there --- but if you must, save it until the very end. Notice that Ron Paul does not say he is a such and such supporter, why? Because its his message. Now this is your message, unique to you in your special way. By adding the "ron Paul supporter" in there, that means all sorts of PRIOR thoughts about Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters now come to mind - and YOUR message is lost. I know we always like to give credit where credit is due, but in forums like that one, its not needed in my opinion.
(Once upon a time on our local TV news a young black woman was making her case for not being harassed by the police and city inspectors and then at the end she said, "GO Jesse Jackson! I support the Rainbow Collation!" Ok, you can see where she lost me. What was her goal?; votes for Jesse Jackson or to point out the harassment from the city inspectors?)

Again, way to be out there and Active Steven! You Rock.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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..Treg, and everyone else giving advice. I'll be MUCH more polished next time around. The citizens forum isn't a place for citizens to soapbox, if has to be about something concrete. I was going to ask them to continue to let the occupiers occupy. I simply had too much to cover.

About Ron Paul, I felt that I was about to go on a big rant that usually doesn't belong in with the speedbumps and other problems citizens have at the forum. Some people felt that part was sort of funny and self deprecating, because it got a few friendly chuckles from the citizens present(Hey, I had JUST said I was a Veteran, after all), but the mike didn't pick it up.


Thanks for posting this :-)

Slow Down

Public speaking is hard and unnerving if you have not done it before. Being passionate and emotional about what you are speaking about can lead to problems in trying to convey your public message. A good rule to follow is your speech should be able to be some what comprehended by an eight year old and your oration should be like you're reading or reciting to a five year old.

Don't fret.Most of us here have watched Ron Paul get over emotional and try to put too much information in too little time in the debates (He doesn't get much time) and the message comes across in a confusing way. For us, we know the message, but for others the message could appear to be week or confusing and some of us have reservations about the effectivity.

We don't question Ron Paul's integrity or principals. That is one thing that is unquestionable no matter if anyone disagree with his/our political view points. The Media is learning that Ron Paul's supporters run deep in their passion ( If you disrespect Ron Paul you will suffer the consequence) But in my opinion there is very little ill will and call to violence! Most here want to try to stave of violence with good government and allowing people to be nudged into taking care of themselves/and their families.

This it a question that should be put to a political representative. "What is wrong with me taking care of myself/family"? Why Do I need your help taking care of myself/family when my family and community can help in times of need(not want or manipulation).

hope for the best

nice speech

great points covered, only if the morons would understand it !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

We must coordinate all the

We must coordinate all the emails into future money bomb lists. I hope some people figure this out. Then when he runs, you raise $1 million in a day.


Great job!

Steven, you did such a great job that I posted about you on my website! I'm not a spammer so I'll post what I posted right here....

Ron Paul supporters need to run for Office like Steven Navarro

That’s how you change America. By running for office. Most of you are smarter than the every day American. When you run for office, you should say that you are a Ron Paul supporter this way we know to support you. We’ll know if you’re faking it or not by your stances so if you’re not a Ron Paulian, we’ll know.

I was watching this great video on the Daily Paul today and an Army Veteran named Steven Navarro was talking to the city council about the Occupy Wall Street Movement in Charlotte. Here is what he said that really caught my attention..

A lot of people here have disdain for the Occupiers because of their apparent flaws. However, the flaws in the protesters simply reflect the America’s youth today. It’s not their fault. It’s simply the stock of what America is putting out nowadays. Thank no child left behind, our bankrupt culture, and the fact that we lost our work ethic. Despite them not being perfect human beings, the Occupiers are better than 85 percent of people watching football on weekends.

That is so true. At least the occupiers have motivation and are trying to change America’s grave situation. Football fans are brain washed by our media on what their priorities should be. Those priorities are football over every day life problems. They have no motivation for change. They’d rather sit on their couch every Sunday and get mad at a tv screen because their team is losing.

Then one day they’ll wake up after the world has blindly passed them by and not in a good way I might add and go, “What happened?”

Proof of this is what fans of the Penn State college football team did after their coach Joe Paterno was fired for not reporting a rape incident to the police. They rioted because their football coach was dismissed. Words can’t even describe their thinking.

I encourage all Ron Paul supporters to run for office. Take America back.

Just think, Ron Paul supporters are the most knowledgeable, dedicated and motivated bunch for change in the country. Imagine if we used that motivation to run for office and bring about change in America? What a great day in American history that would be for when the Ron Paul Army takes over both houses of Congress.

If Ron Paul never gets to be president, his supporters running for office would be his lasting legacy over anything he ever did as a politician.

Here’s the video that Mr. Navarro posted on the Daily Paul.

I'm a big time football fan.

But I also spend about 20 hours per week or more either here on the Daily Paul, reading his writings or out spreading the word about Dr. Paul.

Football is not the problem. The general culture, the brainwashing from the media and the "it can't happen here, we've always had it good" mentality are the problems.

Roll Tide!


Thanks a lot, man. Now, when I said the 85% of people at home watching football, I didn't mean football fans, I mean people who are for some reason still watching football, with what is right on our doorstep. I coach soccer, and love it. But I can't afford to do it because of the economy. It sucks.

Good job but...

Hey, job well done and kudos to you for having the balls to publicly speak like that. My only suggestion is that you maybe cut down on the amount of things you want to say, so you don't have to rush your speech to fit it all in the 3-minute time frame. You had great things to say but you rushed it. Try to cut down, so you can speak slowly and clearly so it registers in their brains. WELL DONE, THOUGH! Always love seeing Ron Paul supporters speaking up for the rEVOLution. =)



Pace yourself and breathe!

I concur with others...great speech but don't try to put it all in one breath. There are punctuations for a reason when you write so use them the same way when you read.

Update: I just read that you only had 3 minutes. Good for you to get it all in then!

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

jrd3820's picture

this is

wonderful! Great job, thanks for sharing.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Have you ever watched Kenny G play the sax?

I think Kenny G and Stevie N both have hidden oxygen tanks they draw from.

But seriously.
Mark Twain believed that vigorous cussing was one of the greatest joys of life; unfortunately, his wife, Livy, disagreed. One morning, Mr. Twain cut himself while shaving,
so he vigorously shouted a long stream of cuss words. Livy, in an attempt to shock him, calmly repeated each word he had said. Mr. Twain smiled at his wife, then said,
“You know the words, dear Livy, but you don’t know the tune.”

You have the words but you don't have the tune. You need a friend (speech writer) to edit words out to give you more time for emphasis and eye contact.

It's the greatest message, so you need to deliver it as such. Not like a pre-flight instruction list.

Keep at it "Sargent"

Thanks for the tips! Very

Thanks for the tips! Very creative, too. It should be fun prose like that. I'll be much better next time.


That was a really great speech. I can see why you were rushing through it with your time constraints. It kind of diminished the impact a little bit, but if anybody was paying attention the meaning will not be lost. It's a shame you didn't have a little more time where you could have slowed down a bit and applied more dramatic force to your words which were, after all, quite dramatic in their content. I foresee a great future for you in politics under a Ron Paul administration. Thanks for sharing that with us here.

Maybe as Ambassador to Sweden

Thanks a lot. All the critique is good and valid. I grew up in Sweden, interestingly, and I actually planned on running for office over there. Planting the seeds of liberty. But I would LOVE to be Ambassador to Sweden, so I can communicate to them what our new America is going to be about.

Sorry, but...

You make some great points - I particularly like "we have been able to print and borrow to maintain our standard of living." - but you sound angry and annoyed. That's not persuasive. You also are obviously rushed and talk too fast. It would have been much more effective if it was half the length and you slowed way down. When you say something profound, you have to stop to let it sink in, and then say it again a different way to make sure they got it.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


I am America, and so can you.

So, how do I go about getting this clip on Colbert? This link is at the very end of the speech when I drop that quote. Funny thing, I saw Ron Paul in the debates and went to Iowa for him 4 years ago, and had Ron Paul sign my copy of "I am America, and so can you".


Iowa 2007

I was there with you. I've run for party political office in 2008 and 2010. Both times I received about 20% of the vote. I'm not sure I could have been more persuasive. This was done in the throws of the brainwashed Republicans and those that have read and understood the platform. I want to be a better speaker, but have NO REGRETS for speaking the truth. Thank you for your courage to do so.

In Liberty,


The constant support like this will spread to others. I agree 100% with your assessment of the Occupiers and the prospect of them and the Tea Partiers ideologically joining each other's movement. It only takes a push.

Keep Swinging

Way to step-up at your local council meeting Steven! I assume they allow you 3 minutes to speak...my local meeting allows me 5 minutes...doesn't seem like much time when you have real substance to share as a supporter of Ron Paul ideals. You did great though! Keep swinging at them and run for office!

Here is a clip I have shared before of me sharing my Ron Paul views at my local city council meeting. They only gave me about 20 seconds of time in the clip, but believe me I spoke my full 5 minutes.:)


Holy Monkey!

That was amazing!


Awesome speech brother... Annnd to top it off, you reference Stephen Colbert's book. Effing awesome! I literally fell out of my chair laughing with the last phrase... I am America, and so can You!

Love, Liberty, and Truth

Thanks! Now, we just need to

Thanks! Now, we just need to get that clip on Colbert.