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Karat Bars, real deal or scam?

So I recently received an email advertising this new investment company calling themselves 'Karat Bars'. The idea (if legitimate) strikes me on the outset as being rather ingenious - sell gold in smaller quantities (1 gram bullion) in the form of an alternative currency (the gold is inset inside a 'credit card'). This seems like something that would be right up a Ron Paul fan's alley. So I want to ask people here who may be much more experienced than I with this stuff, does this seem legit or does it look like a scam?


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Try to buy as close to spot price as possible.

I don't know about karatbars, but you want to try to pay as low a premium as humanly possible.
Often, convenience packages have higher premiums, so compare the prices to the spot price for the weight involved.


Yes, this is very legit. Karatbars International offers the opportunity to buy gold a gram at a time. This is much more affordable for most (about $65 currently) than buying gold by the ounce. The gold is 999.9 pure gold and is LBMA certified (London Bullion Market Association). Customers can exchange their cash for gold at any time, and can also sign up for a monthly savings plan. http://tiny.cc/5eyaew