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Discussion: Can a Newt supporter ever support Ron Paul?

Newt's sky rocket in the polls is a seriously depressing. Here is a typical Washington politician that supports the bailouts, climate change, individual mandates, higher taxes, permanent war, police state, infidelity and on and on.

Here's my question:

Can someone who supports Newt Gingrich today vote for Ron Paul in the primaries? If so, how? If not, why?


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Yes they can.

Here's why. Almost all of Newt's talking points that are resonating with the American people are ripped straight from Ron Paul. Unfortunately for Newt, he doesn't have any actions to back them up.

Once people figure Ron Paul out

they become committed.

I know of no one who changed back once they get it.

Absolutely, i have gotten several with the phone from home

program talked to a gal on Monday that was strong for Newt, but did not know RP was still in it, yeah, taking by yard signs and info tomorrow. We can do this, just get on the phones and connect with someone in that state if you are not in it yourself, that is why we need to EMAIL CALL CANVASS, it work, sign waving is fun, but we have to be educated about Ron Paul, sometimes it is as simple as telling people about how much he has received in donations compared to a sitting President and all the other candidates combined and they say they will vote for him. Take there issues and turn it into a positive for Ron Paul . It works if we work EMAIL CALL CANVASS

ECC for the next CIC 2012

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but it really depends on how they weight the issues. If they are primarily a hawk (neo-con or otherwise), probably not. If they are more about econ issues, yes there is a decent chance.

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The people who support The Speaker are in love with the man of about 15 or so years ago when he appeared as a regular "SPEAKER" with another "speaker" Rush Limbaugh. Rush built t"Mr Speaker" up so high and it is the same people who loved him then that love him today. But the young people can see right through this talk a lot do a little like Rush Limbaugh.

No, no Newt is only running high right now thanks to the media who still has not learned that they are no longer in charge of our minds and his supporters are soon to wake up from their fake love of Mr. Speaker.

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My hope

is that the truth about Gingrich spreads far and wide over the month of December and brings him back down just like Cain and Perry. If that happens, I can see someone switching to Ron Paul. If he stays up top going into January, it will mean conservatives simply don't care and want someone who talks a good game but stands for nothing. It's going to be a roller coaster of a month.


If a Gingrich supporter is basing his support solely on the bull**** that Gingrich blabs about (Foreign Policy and National Security.. not so much) then that supporter can definitely support Ron Paul.

But yeah, if that supporter is basing it almost totally on Gingrich's Foreign Policy/Nat'l Security crap, he/she would have far less of a chance switching to Paul.