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Gingrich Trails In Organizing In Early-Voting Iowa

Gingrich Trails In Organizing In Early-Voting Iowa


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Misleading title...?

I understand your exuberance to market the brochures, but that article does not indicate anything but that Gingrich leads in Iowa... Where is your source for him trailing, from that or other articles?

On the other hand the campaign for Ron Paul is doing a fine job of organization on the ground, with phoning and contacts. There is no doubt that, certainly through those efforts at least, truthful polls (oxymoron) reveal that there is a Ron Paul lead among, GOP, independents, and democrats who will cross over to vote republican!

The fraud polls should be ignored as they are mathematically proven false. True polls will not change dramatically within 24 hours, based upon a relatively obscure factor such as a small straw poll as Cain won in Florida some time ago. Following that paid for , Straw Poll, within 24 hours, he had jumped from nearly last to front runner over Romney. Gingrich did the same nearly over night... Cristy is next I am thinking!

This is prima fascia evidence that the poll is tweaked!

Each however will suffer their appropriate fate... that reserved for Neocons in an age of the Truth of Liberty which has reached it's time!

We'll show them "organization"

We'll also show them our numbers when we go to Iowa and hold up signs for Ron Paul on the morning of the Caucus! They will get a visual, concrete example the media would hate them to see. That is, that we are EVERYWHERE!

I think

Newt knows he isn't going to go that far! I still think they are going to try to raise pRick Perry up the flag pole one more time! Perry just had a couple of stumbles, no major scandal! Just before the primary, the media begins harping some "wonderful, new, and improved" plan that Perry now has. Watch for it. Remember, Perry still has "Romney money", like 16 million or so! He also has Bank of America at his back. I think Perry was promised the win already, look for a come back!

that "pArry comeback" is...

...a SURE thing. Why do I say that?? I live in AZ, primary not until Feb. 28th, and he has been droning CONSTANTLY on my TV with ads for the last 3 weeks or so.

also Newt missed Missouri primary filing deadline

does the Missouri primary really not count????


yes, it...

"really doesn't." One of the "beauty contest" primaries... delegates decided by their State CAUCUSES.

Thank you

Thank you