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A Letter To Republicans!

Why do you (non-Ron Paul) Republicans decry Obamacare as unconstitutional and wrong, yet have no problem with President Obama's assassination of a 16 year old American Citizen? Why do you decry Obama Care as WRONG, yet you have little problem with Obama's blatantly unconstitutional move into Libya, which was actually criticized as such by Dennis Kucinich? I don't understand why a group, who's always said that the terrorists came here to destroy our freedom, would themselves be so willing to destroy our freedoms? By your own definition, you're the one "siding with the terrorists". The contradictions are everywhere and in virtually every policy.

Taking a look at the GOP field of contenders, a lot in the GOP seem miffed that so few of the Candidates can be trusted to remain conservative and beat Obama. Dare I suggest that the REAL problem IS YOU and not necessarily THEM? Mainstream (interventionist) Republicans seem to have no real desire to follow the Constitution and this field of GOP candidates just reflects your lack of principled beliefs.

I'm a full on Ron Paul supporter. I'm not really a Republican anymore because the current GOP is a spineless, deceitful party which supports an immoral foreign policy of simply killing people abroad. Don't get me started with the Democrats - They're largely thieves who want to steal money from those who produce and redistribute it to those who don't. But then again, so do the mainstream GOP candidates. I am sick of both parties and in particular their HORRIBLE foreign policy.

Your interventionist foreign policy is what's putting us in danger. I really do want us to win the war on terror. This is why I don't support YOUR interventionist foreign policy - because foreign occupation is the number 1 cause of suicide terrorism. All we're really trying to do is to get you to use that same, thoughtful and discerning eye that you can use when it comes to Obama Care and apply it to our asinine and out of control foreign policy.

You may say we have to intervene abroad, and generally kill (so-called) terrorists without trials because we're at war. Well, President Obama thinks we need Obama Care because the health care system is so expensive that it's reaching a "crisis situation". He has his justifications for his unconstitional moves - just as you do. But you're both wrong. Just to clarify - You're both wrong if your ultimate goal is to defend liberty. And if that's not your ultimate goal then why do you want to destroy our freedoms like the terrorists?

Ron Paul supporters are (unlike you and the political establishment) willing to get at the root causes of our problems. For instance; The root causes of high health care costs stem from government intervention INTO the health care market, just as the root causes of terrorism stem from government intervention INTO foreign lands. Government intervention is a weapon of mass destruction unto itself. And as a conservative this fits in very nicely with being a true defender of the Constitution. Your problem is you're not principled and you're not consistent.

I firmly believe this is what drives a lot of the anger toward Ron Paul supporters. Deep down you know we're right. And all you have left to do is to call Ron Paul a nut, and then ban us from your blog or forum. But at some point you need to connect the dots. Look at your policies and play them out. After years of motivating the terrorist threat from the middle east, you now seek to destroy our liberties here at home in order to fight the threat that your own polices have largely created! You want revenge on 9/11, without having to seriously self-examine our role in creating an environment favorable for more terrorist attacks. You just want to kill. It's pretty much reached the point that the Federal government can kill anyone, anywhere and say it was related to the war on terror and the GOP, the party that's supposed to defend the Constitution, will largely cheer it on.

This is why I'll never vote for a Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, John McCain - or anyone else who's not got the SPINE to stand up and CHANGE our foreign policy so we can stop motivating terrorism. Someone who will actually CUT our deficit and has the ability to convince the people to end the welfare state through their representatives. Maybe, just maybe we can one day have a government that does not intervene into the economy, health care or into foreign nations on the other side of the globe. That's the only way our liberties can remain in intact. Otherwise we're going to slowly become poorer, lose our liberties one by one, and begin fighting each other.

Remember, just as your interventionist foreign policy creates enemies abroad. Your patriot-act policies will create enemies here at home. This is the road to tyranny and it's time the GOP wakes up and realizes it.

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nice post.

nice post.

Here's what I've been doing with all the GOP fundraising letters

I receive: I put a note inside the postage-paid envelope that says: WHEN YOU SUPPORT RON PAUL, I WILL SUPPORT YOU!

If they received thousands of fundraising envelopes with that message inside, it just might make some of those GOP big shots think twice about ignoring Dr. Paul.

Please join me in doing this.

reedr3v's picture

I've been doing this since 2008; hmm,

I don't receive so many solicitations as I once did.

They view Ron as the enemy

They view Ron as the enemy because of his foreign policy - even though it's their policies of intervention that have gotten us in this position. But you're right. And the GOP knows this, they know they can't really get our support unless they try and as of now I am not going to support the GOP unless it's a non-interventionist candidate. Period.

Nice rant. The plural of

Nice rant. The plural of thief is thieves, however, as 'thief's' means belonging to a thief. I am a grammar cop and these things catch my attention more than the substance when I read the written words..:)
True, though and glad you wrote it.

Thanks for the catch. I

Thanks for the catch. I remember typing that word and wondering what I'd just done - lol.