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The SuperVoterBomb brochure!

Why is there nothing on the Daily Paul about the new Revolution SuperPAC brochure? The brochure has been available on the SuperVoterBomb site for a good chunk of today. I just got home from work or I would have posted this earlier.

Obviously there was some kind of disagreement between the folks at ronpaulproducts.com and the Revolution PAC (which I'll call RevPAC for the rest of this post) as far as buying the brochures, mailing, control, whatever. That lead to some really nasty comments from people here that frankly, I thought went way overboard. I can't believe some of things that were said related to this issue. How anyone could question the honesty and integrity of people like Tom Woods and Gary Franchi is beyond me. Both of them have done an incredible job in their efforts to promote Ron Paul, his message, and work for his Presidency.

Gary's explanation about the delays (primarily mailing time and having to design a new brochure) in getting the mailings out makes perfect sense to me – especially if ronpaulproducts would not sell them brochures. In any case, the brochure design is done and posted on the SuperVoterBomb website (http://supervoterbomb.com/). Here is a link to what's being sent out http://supervoterbomb.com/pieces.html If you click on either page, you will get a full size picture of that page so you can read the brochure.

I'm trying not to take sides, because both the ronpaulproducts and the RevPAC brochures are great. (I have a thousand of the Super Brochure to pass out and have already started on that.) I will say that the RevPAC brochure looks a little cleaner and three of the panels are tailored specifically to Iowa voters, which is a nice touch. It also allows them to tailor future printing to specific states by changing just those panels and/or producing a generic version that can be used anywhere.

I don't know if they are going to make them available for sale in bulk or just mail them, but I notice that it appears they have (I don't know the technical lingo here) the lines and colors for printing, so you can obviously print them out and take them to a local printer (generic version if it becomes available.)

I'm sure we will be hearing from the RevPAC soon as to how many have been mailed, which states are next, etc. I know that to a degree it seems that their efforts may be redundant, but it can't hurt for someone to get two different brochures from two different sources – it may be just the reinforcement they need to be convinced to vote for Dr. Paul. Additionally, there's a chance that one of the brochures may be overlooked as junk mail, so getting two can't hurt.

Anyway, check out the SuperVoterBomb brochure – it's just as impressive as the Super Brochure from ronpaulproducts, and those of you that attacked the RevPAC without giving them a chance should be ashamed of yourself.

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Agreed. The RevPAC SuperVoterBomb Brochure looks nice, too.

Now we have two flavors of excellent RP brochures to hand out.

Lucky Ron Paul to have so many inspired & talented people to vie against each other to come up with these! Nothing like fierce creative sibling rivalry ;-)

I hope they over saturate

One thing that works in sales is repetition whether people think it works or not. We all get the junk mail but don't always use the coupons in them except SOMETIMES we do. They work because they are continuous versus a ONE TIME throw away.

Think about it. Lets say they get ONE political mailer that they throw away. It is very possible and actually likely that many of these mailers will just be tossed in the trash BUT some will be read.

Now since we have two (maybe more) mailing efforts going on, some might get one two or three mailers (ronpaulproducts, revpac, official campaign) but all that shows is that ron paul IS being promoted and HAS money and HAS actual organization both grassroots, super pac wise AND officiallly.

Stop picking sides and support ALL of these mailers. Let whoever wants to puff up their chests do so BUT in the end we need ALL of these mailers to go out. One might reach one person and convert them and another might like the ronpaulproducts one OR the official campaigns.

We have to have MULTIPLE mailers and stop thinking ONE mailer from ONE place is going to elect ron paul. Our grassroots efforts back in the 07/08 cycle worked because we had a TON of different things going on and didn't back just one.

Stop trying to centralize everything and drawing lines in the sand behind ONE ron paul effort. Support them all because they ALL will bring in new supporters.

Stop the infighting and support THEM ALL. We can and will win this IF we support everything that is worth supporting and only YOU can make that decision for yourself and where YOUR funds go.

I am donating to both mailing efforts. Anyone know of others? I will donate to those as well if the mailer looks like it would convert LIKE rpp's and revpacs?

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RevPac Brochure looks great!

I personally like how it has a poll showing Ron Paul out in front Iowa.. People like to get behind a winner and it was also a nice touch to show local Iowa People endorsing Ron Paul.

The Tom Woods letter was a nice touch...

Hadn't seen it yet. It goes

Hadn't seen it yet. It goes to show that they were having material waiting in the wings or at least have a team in the background that is able to deliver results very fast. Controversy last 3 days. Solution today. That is what I would refer to as a sound solution to a problem.

All I can hope for is that they are smart enough to co-ordinate with the ronpaulproducts.com to make sure there are no double mailings.

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Most of the trolls comments are rated high and all the Revpac related posts he/she writes on are low rated even in the -. TransparencyTrooper has been writing anti revpac comments all day and rating revpac posts low. Its also a one day old account. I believe this user has at least 9 accounts.

This is a good example of it.

Yeah, a troll, and a my bad.

Yeah, it does appear that person is a troll. And my apologies (although it can't hurt to reinforce the good news about the new brochure) - as it turns out, there WAS a thread about the new brochure: http://www.dailypaul.com/189813/the-new-rev-pac-super-brochure

I looked twice and couldn't find one.

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the same troll

is on that post too. Its hard to find when its rated down.