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Help me buy a billboard for Ron Paul in Las Vegas!

Ok I have no idea why but this post keeps getting deleted as spam. I am trying to buy a billboard for RP in Vegas. I've got an awesome spot lined up and will be using the RevPac's graphic. All the details are on my blog post about it. I think linking to it causes the spam filters to kick in, so if you are interested please google "grim's grumblings" and you will find my blog. Thank you!

I am going to use the same design as the RevPac used in Ames where it reads "only candidate who predicted the economic crisis, is the only who can fix it"
because Vegas got destroyed by housing bubble
and I figure thats an important message to spread to voters here!

Please support/spread the word! Thank you!

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Chipping in for RP material & advertizing

In Ohio, I went through a few calls concerning the Sec. of State (SOS)and campaign (to RP) donations.

According to the SOS, whenever two or more people pool their money, chip in, for campaign support, then that must be done via a Political Action Committee (PAC). Even if money is not given directly to the candidate's campaign, the material purchased with those pooled donations are considered contributions made in "like kind" and must be reported as such. That reporting must be through a PAC. And if the in-kind donations are for a federal candidate, then that PAC must be what they call a Federal, State, and Local PAC (FSLPAC). Obviously, RP is a federal candidate.

We are in the process of seeking donations to put up a RP billboard also. Usually we would collect donations from various people then go buy the material (signs) or, in this case, billboard advertizing. However, the OHIO SOS insists that "if two or more" people pool their funds to purchase big ticket campaign items, then this campaign item, signs or whatever, is an in "like kind" contribution and must be made through a Political Action Committee (PAC). In our case we are useing a 501.c.4 organization to collect the donations. Either way basically the SOS wants to know who, name, address, & employer, made the donations and to whom were the donations dispursed.

If only one person bought the advertizing, then no PAC or paperwork is required.

I am finding too many people doing the "pooling" thing and wonder if there is some exception to this SOS requirement in their states. Apparently in Ohio there is no exception. Again, this is in Ohio but I suspect that it's nationwide. Has anyone looked into this issue with their SOS's in their respective states?

More press on this with picture

Outstanding Job !!!


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Great work....

We need these all over the country.

From Rob Via Email:

Thought you might like to check out this story about us and Ron Paul the
Vegas Seven magazine just ran! I'm trying to milk all the free Ron Paul
publicity out of this thing I can get!


Tim Tebow

I believe his fans bought one for their team.


I can now confirm there will

I can now confirm there will be at least one news story covering this event later this week.

There is a possibility there will be more than that, in different news outlets.

Your donations are going very far!

Looks fantastic. Glad you

Looks fantastic. Glad you added the register thing. VERY nice work. WAHOR!


Register Replubican by January 21st...can it be highlighted by Red Color, Bold font? Thanks!

12/4/11: Success!! We have reached our goal! Thank you all who have donated!!

Flood IOWA, Saturate Iowa, WIN Iowa with superBrochures: http://superbrochure.com/

How long will it stay Up?

What was the cost per month for this size?

To all those who donated,

To all those who donated, here's some extra bang for your buck!

I just got off the phone with a reporter for the largest newspaper in Vegas, The Las Vegas Review-Journal. I have been reaching out to every form of media possible to cover this story, so that it will get more publicity.

The only thing more effective at getting people's attention than a billboard, is a news story about a billboard!

I will continue to press this and keep you guys posted if/when a story about this project is published.

Thanks again!

jrd3820's picture

Great Work!

This is awsome. Nice touch with the reminder that people need to register republican by 1-21 also.

I was able to add "Register

I was able to add "Register Republican by Jan21st" to the billboard. I have updated the blog post with the final image that was just submitted and will go live next Monday.

Hey guys, just wanted to

Hey guys, just wanted to share a quick update with you. First, we have successfully locked in the location! This is great news, as now the timing is going to work out perfectly.

Monday (12/5) I will be signing contracts and what not. This will get the process rolling such that the billboard is slated to go live (meaning actually be up) the following Monday (12/12). This will be perfect as it will run through the Nevada Caucus (Feb 4) and end on Feb 7th. It is extremely common for billboards to remain up if the company has not lined up someone else when your contract ends. So it could be up for several days after the contract expires as well!

Either way, the bulk of the time will be spent advertising and building awareness of Ron Paul before and leading right up to the Nevada Caucus, which is what is most important.

I will post videos and pictures of it when it is up, so check the blog on 12/12!

Finally, I was on the phone with RevPac today. One of the biggest complaints I have been hearing is that people are not made aware that they need to register Republican etc. I don't know if I am permitted to reveal specifics, but the RevPac guys are developing an extremely impressive and effective marketing strategy to go after specific demographics and promote Ron Paul as well as provide the registration info.

I think we should try and organize a moneybomb for them. They have so much less overhead than the official campaign that your dollars go much, much farther when donated there. Something to think about, anyways!

Goal met!!!!!!!!

Done deal! Amen!


This is how grassroots activists DO IT!

Success! I will be moving

Success! I will be moving forward with purchase and contracts tomorrow. I will do more than take a picture I will post a video of me dancing under it when it is up. Thank you all!

You are a true American

You are a true American patriot! God bless you!!!! Pictures ASAP!!!!

Fear is the passion of slaves. ~Patrick Henry

Do us proud, patriot.

Do us proud, patriot.

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

When it's up, take a picture

When it's up, take a picture and show us where it is! Thanks!

What about No Taxes on Tips!

I think that's a HUGE issue in LV.


With that issue alone, Ron Paul can win Las Vegas.

Flood IOWA, Saturate Iowa, WIN Iowa with superBrochures: http://superbrochure.com/

I posted on a friend's wall

And before I clicked share, the thumbnail for the link showed Dr. Paul in his military uniform, AFTER I posted it the link thumbnail was a snub-nosed pistol pointed toward the reader asking to vote for more restrictive gun laws!
Has this happened to anyone else? Are they messing with us to make us look like anti-gun folks? Each time I have deleted and posted again to get rid of the gun.

I'm assuming you mean on

I'm assuming you mean on Facebook? I tried it just now and it showed the Ron Paul thumbnail in preview and also posted as such.


Creepy! I really haven't checked out the gun thumbnail, but since some folks have a BAD reaction to guns--I thought it wasn't good. What do you think?

This seems to be happening when linking to Daily Paul!

I saw another link from Daily Paul that the thumbnail was a gun---has anyone else seen this?


So sorry I can't contribute cash to this cause. But I am from Vegas and have friends that can create burners with 10 cans of spraypaint. But I digress :P

A Bump

To make this happen !!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

$1400 is all we need! I would

$1400 is all we need! I would love to be able to raise it by Monday, please spread the word! I was hoping the RevPac would help, but now they are saying FEC makes it difficult etc.

My goal is to get this up ASAP. Even after we get all the money there is a 7 day delay just for the billboard company to produce the graphic and then put it up there. So my #1 priority is to raise the remaining $1400 ASAP so that the board goes up with plenty of time to advertise the caucus.

Please email me with any comments/suggestions. Thanks for all the support so far!