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Love the Ad - Some comments about its effectiveness and how to help Ron Get elected

I love the new ad. I love hard-hitting ads. I think they are the only ads worth running, if you want to win.

I sometimes think that Ron Paul should do this during the debates too, but if the campaign can keep doing ads like this, it will help balance out Ron's non-confrontational personality.

I am a little worried though. Americans seem to respond better to candidates who are incompetent - they tend to lower in their poll numbers. They don't seem to respond well to information that shows that their candidate is a flip-flopper or a hypocrite.

I've given this some thought, and I think anyone who doesn't like Ron Paul, and the ideas of liberty in general, is essentially living in a reality filled with contradictions - and it's hard for them to have an active mind and look at those contradictions and try and sort them out.

By accepting Ron Paul, they have to face the fact that they, themselves, are inconsistent - just like Romney and Gingrich. And maybe they just can't face that.

I'm sure many of us held deeply contradictory lines of thought at the same time before we "woke up", but I don't know if everyone is capable of doing that.

I've been trying to reason with a lot of people - trying to answer questions, give in-depth explanations, etc. I think I do a pretty good job showing the contradictions and giving accurate information. I'm very well-studied.

What I noticed though is that people really don't like learning about the contradictions. They either ignore it, shut down, get defensive, and behave irrationally all-around.

These people seem like they want to live in the fake reality that they've always been living in. They cannot accept that everything they thought they knew about right and wrong, or about America's current political system, was wrong the entire time.

How can make this easier for people?