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Fox News Google Indexed Pages per Candidate - Romney receives more then 6 times the coverage than Ron Paul.

site:Foxnews.com Newt Gingrich About 38,800 results

site:Foxnews.com Mitt Romney About 46,700 results

site:Foxnews.com Herman Cain About 38,800 results

site:Foxnews.com Ron Paul About 7,850 results

site:Foxnews.com Rick Perry About 14,400 results

site:Foxnews.com Michelle Bachmann About 24,900 results

site:Foxnews.com Rick Santorum About 7,430 results

site:Foxnews.com John Huntsman About 5,050 results

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yea, but I mean look at

yea, but I mean look at Romney he's the frontrunner, and waaay more electable than RP, so it would make sense if they cover him more

Aren't you the witty clever one

humor is always appreciated (wink)

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Well I would disagree with that

I think Romney is a good looking guy - but his positions on issues do not make him more electable.

All the hawk talk too - it's perceived as overcompensation for appearing less then conservative.

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--Samuel Adams

They simply choose who they

They simply choose who they want to cover. If they had covered Paul as much as Romney least past few months, Paul would be up there with Romney.


more than*

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