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Obama lawyers: Citizens targeted if at war with US

Some Ron Paul comments are hitting this story posted on Drudge. Nice to read.


Obama lawyers: Citizens targeted if at war with US
APBy MATT APUZZO | 12/1/11 noon - 50 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top national security lawyers in the Obama administration say U.S. citizens are legitimate military targets when they take up arms with al-Qaida.

The lawyers were asked at a national security conference Thursday about the CIA killing of Anwar al-Alwaki, a U.S. citizen and leading al-Qaida figure. He died in a Sept. 30 U.S. drone strike in the mountains of Yemen.

The government lawyers — CIA counsel Stephen Preston and Pentagon counsel Jeh Johnson — did not directly address the al-Alwaki case. But they said U.S. citizens don't have immunity when they're at war with the United States.

Johnson said only the executive branch, not the courts, are equipped to make decisions about who qualifies as an enemy.


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Let's see if this passes the smell test.

Okay, they seem to think there is some pressing "need" to have this law passed.

Now, exactly how many US citizens are actively taking up arms with Al Qaeda?
Perhaps 3?
Maybe a half-dozen at the extreme outside limit?

So, all this hubbub about virtually NOTHING.

And so it becomes OBVIOUS that the measure is intended to be used for something else, with this ludicrously thin smoke screen as the "excuse for doing it".

Nope. Doesn't pass the smell test.
Obama is a traitor, and so is everyone who goes along with this.

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Their strategy: If no pass smell test, get this passed QUICKLY!!

Whenever something stinks like this, they ramrod it through very fast. That is the real danger....quick passage, like a magician's slight-of-hand trick.

You are right.

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I don't even think it is

I don't even think it is about Al Qaeda, Its about American citizens who disagree with the status quo in DC. If you protest a war, you are a terrorist. ETC etc etc..

Legitimate Military Targets

What about the US citizens that provided the Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya with the anti-aircraft guns they mounted in the backs of their pickup trucks? Are they fair game too?

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Yep, depending on whims of the almighty dictator that day.

The subjective application of law is no law at all. That is what this trash is. It's pure tyranny.

My Posted comment:

This is pure tyranny. This is treason, and that is the truth. However, in a world upside-down our present dystopia underscores the statement by Ron Paul: "Truth is treason in the Empire of lies."
In this case, the reverse is also true: Treason is truth in the Empire of lies. Goebbels was also correct. If a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth. However, it must be supported by the tyrannical government from which it originated.
Can we get back to the Constitution yet? Let's get these warmongering NeoCons out of our government and get Ron Paul in the White House before we all find ourselves in FEMA camps awaiting execution.