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Potential Gingrich "Blowback" Over New RP Attack Ad?

As I'm sure you all know by now, everyone in the political world is talking about how Ron Paul's new attack ad completely and utterly destroys Newt Gingrich.

First of all - spread this EVERYWHERE you can, people. Newt Gingrich's success is the single greatest threat to Ron Paul winning the nomination. That is a fact. Why? Because the current GOP will never elect Mitt Romney, and he's the only other "frontrunner" at this point. Mitt Romney is the epitome of a flip-flopping politician who will do absolutely anything to get elected. EVERYBODY knows this. And even going by the things he does say, the GOP at this point is way too conservative for him. It's too heavily influenced by the Tea Party for a moderate like Romney to go anywhere.

So, if we take down Gingrich, the nomination is essentially Paul's. I'm sure the campaign knows this, hence the ad.


I fear possible blowback from the Gingrich campaign. Last time when Paul attacked Perry, Perry responded. Luckily Perry's an idiot so he responded with a 1988 letter by Paul which says he was too conservative for the GOP, which can only look good in the GOP of 2012. However this ad is muchhhh much more devastating to Gingrich.... And Gingrich is much smarter than Perry is.

So, when and if Gingrich responds, what do you think he'll say?
I'm thinking it's inevitable that this will come up in the next debate... The media LOVES this drama and it's too good to pass up. One thing Gingrich might bring up is that the campaign mentions his disagreement with Paul Ryan, when Ron Paul was one of only 8 Republicans to vote against Ryan's budget plan. That can be perceived as hypocritical.

What do you people think? Is this a legitimate concern or am I just being paranoid?

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The best thing Newt could do

is nothing. Anything he says will be inadequate at best. The only downside to the RP ad is that it won't get enough play.

I don't look for Newt to say much

Newt's attention span seems to very limited. He will try and ignore the Paul statement in hopes that everyone else will, too. Wrong. But Newt can't hardly start throwing barbs at Ron Paul, because in the commercial, all the dart throwing is by the Main Stream Media!!!! Brilliant.

alan laney

funny, I just posted this on

funny, I just posted this on the other thread before reading here:

Will be surprising if the chameleon publicly addresses this. Either way, be prepared for something beyond devious from his slimy bag of tricks. Sociopaths don't take kindly to being outed and lies are their primary retaliation.

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

I think the 'Amphibian' will attack Dr Paul on his drug policy,

and have some trumped up statistics, made by a government controlled or fascist group. The 'Salamander' will say how drugs are destroying our youth, note crime statistics, and Ron wants to let them go free and supply them with drugs.

A 'Newt' is an 'amphibian', that swims in water and walks on land, which fits Gingrich perfectly, since sometimes he's a Communist and sometimes he's a Fascist.

What can he possibly say lol

There's nothing *on* Dr Paul.

What's he going to do?

- Drag out racism again? PITIFUL, DONE

- Earmarks? - PITIFUL, DONE

- Kook? Crazy? - PLAYED OUT, DONE


Anything he brings up can be a platform to address *real* issues.

And that will always backfire on Newt.

Oh we can only hope he uses Ryan's plan as an attack

For the good Dr. will simply say that the cuts there were so minute that they were laughable. He would simply say he is going to "fix" things, not put a band-aid on the problem, but fix it, and now that the wound is hemorrhaging worse than ever due to political ploys it is time to take decisive actions. This would lead him of course into his stump on the need to cut a trillion right off the bat, and then balance the budget in 3 years. It would be even better than Perry's non attack, it would actually give Dr. Paul grounds once again to educate the masses.

It shouldn't take many long to learn that there is not much you can attack the good Dr. on, and doing so usually ends up with the attacker looking like an ass. Hell, it made Glenn Beck act like more of an ass.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

when you have the voting

when you have the voting record and character of Ron Paul you do not have to worry about blowback. What can they accuse Ron of doing?

He'll probably end up crying

He'll probably end up crying during the next debate about it saying that we shouldn't be attacking each other that we should be attacking Obama or some bull crap.

Missing the point

Ron Paul's strategy is for the status quo candidates to split their RINO votes.
Ron Paul is counting on his strong supporters to mobilize enough votes to beat the status quo candidates once they have diluted each other.

Ron Paul is clean so Newt will wisely not react or retaliate for a variety of reasons.

Newt is more concerned about Ron Paul more than any other candidate because he is very aware of his various strengths.

Ron Paul also has history with Newt from years ago when Newt tried to thwart Ron Paul's return to the House. In spite of mobilizing 50 reps to campaign against Ron Paul's return to Congress, Ron Paul was elected again.

Thats right

so really newt just got his blowback.

the strategy

"strategy is for the status quo candidates to split their RINO votes."

That is the strategy. The longer the ankle-biters stay in the race, the better.

Even though Paul also voted against it,

The big highlight is Newt calling it Right-wing Social engineering, too conservative, Paul voted against it because it wasn't conservative enough and didn't cut hardly anything, I think I read some comment about if it got passed it would make the payroll tax obsolete and would be reinstated? As a bi-partisan move? Please correct me if i'm wrong. I never dug into Paul Ryans plan. He didn't want to set a new standard that doesnt hardly scrap the frost off an iceberg.

Also, the only thing Gingrich can really pull on Dr. Paul is using the fear of unthinking Americans. He'll say something like Paul doesnt care for the American people enough to prevent terrorism (that our policy causes) by uses all necessary resources (at the expense of most all liberties). He rather let thousands of people die before going after "Terrorists".

Like I said, Please correct me if I'm wrong to clarify the issue.

What's he gonna do?

No, the attack will come from the other "dwarfs," most likely Bachmann and Santorum.

I am craving

the counter-attack.

I love it when they put both feet in their mouth.

So true

Like when Perry responded to Paul by calling him too conservative. That was so epic.

I hope there IS "blowback."

The more Ron Paul is addressed, the better it is for us. Is Newt actually going to win a substantive showdown with Ron Paul? Somehow I doubt it.

Newt is in a bind. He doesn't want to keep taking punches, but he also doesn't want to debate his record. There's no way Newt's creepy past is going to enable him to withstand a drawn-out battle. We're about to reach critical mass, and that is a GOOD thing. Bring it on, collectivists!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels


"the current GOP will never elect Mitt Romney"

You don't understand the influence each state GOP leadership has and their liking of Romney. These folks with influence are helping Romney get delegates for the GOP nomination. Do not count out Romney.

"Is this a legitimate concern or am I just being paranoid?"

Way over-thinking. How about getting back down to earth and making some phone calls so we can get out the vote and win?


This is the final round for

This is the final round for Ron...he must threw everything he's got at them even if that means a little potential blowback.

blowback is legitimate concern

You are smart to be concerned about blowbacks. It may not come directly from gingrich's campaign, but eventually hit paul in a roundabout way thru various media criticizing the brutality of this and comparing it to the tactics that has been going on b/w the obama and romney campaign for months.

Especially as the ad did not contrast flip floppers with paul, most people will not have a better opinion of paul or know his positions/track record any better now. So if newt loses any votes, voters will go for the next candidate that has most name recognition, which is romney.

I'd say leave the ad as is without blowing it up further via their plans of banner ads, etc.. especially, when it doesn't make sense to spend money and time separately on 3 candidates that all the same issue of flip flopping - obama, romney, and newt. There are no more benefits to gain by expanding on this particular ad campaign while ignoring romney and obama. The point has been made and it is time to move on to other marketing that will help spread Paul's track record.

I disagree w/ you that romney is out. He is very much in.

The ad on newt should have highlighted how he stole so many of his popular positions during debates from ron paul. that would have been the way for this to really benefit paul.


Two things.

The only place Gingrich will respond is in the debates. He doesn't have the cash or organization to do more than that.
Second, it isn't Santorum they will push (as he would never compete for any possible Paul voters) , it's Huntsman. The good news is Huntsman pulls away from Romney more than from anyone else.

Gingrich Won't Respond

You attack up, not down. Gingrich is probably smart enough to know better than to pay attention to Paul, especially right now, right before the primaries.

Gingrich pulled Pawlenty

Gingrich's philsophy is not to criticize and has been fairly faithful on that, though it is a stupid tactic that will likey cause his downfall.

If Gingrich only attacks up, then why does he refuse to even make the smallest comment about Romney? During one interview with Laura Ingraham, he said Romney is not a change-agent for Washington as his business experience is gear for just being a manager than doing actual change. However, on the debate stage when asked to repeat that Romney criticism, he became weak and looked like a kid that was going to get punished. Hence, Newt bailed and did the stupidest thing possible - and that is to lavish such praise on Romney for his vague business experience.

When you pull a Pawlenty, you are more likely to eventually be done. I lost a lot of respect for Newt at having weak knees when it comes to Romney. In response, it is false that Gingrich does not attack down, but up.


I don't think you're being

I don't think you're being paranoid...You've got it. I'm waiting for them to roll our Santorum with the new hype.

Lol, wouldn't be surprised.

They're running out of options, anyway, and after Santorum their only choice aside from Paul is Huntsman... And that aint gonna happen. But it'd be VERY hard for Santorum to catch on. If we take down Gingrich, who I can really see getting the nom at this point, our ONLY serious threat is Mitt Romney.

I'm still kinda nervous about Gingrich calling out Paul in a debate. Gingrich is a VERY good and smart debater. Paul isn't - as much as we all support him we have to recognize public speaking is not his best asset. His answers are genuine, unplanned, and necessitate more than 30 seconds soundbites, so he often comes out sounding nervous, unpollished, and not speaking in full sentences.

I really reaalllyy hope this doesn't end up playing to Gingrich's advantage. Ron's gotta be on his toes, he HAS to be ready for this.

paul strength in other types of speeches

Though to date, newt has been the best debater on stage, Paul is by a better speaker in terms of motivating/inspiring on the campaign trail.

For example, Paul has crowds of thousands of people roaring at the end of his speeches. No other candidate comes even close to the effect Paul has on large crowds. And, he had made loads of great speeches on the House floor. I don't think any other congresman has made a more impact than Paul has in terms of those congressional debates/speeches.

His one-on-one interviews are usually ok, but could use some improvement.